Unit 6 Health And Social Care Essay

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At the same time the problems of poor sanitation, health, theft additionally. (Brand, 1986). Of the above study and background about the situation of elderly in present situation shows that due to lack of support from the family they plan to get into jobs even after their retirement age because they need to finance for their old age. Sustainable development is possible only when all the age groups are included in the framework and no one is left. The Global Age Watch Index report explains that the top 19 positions were occupied by the industrialized nations. Of those countries Switzerland is at the top because it has a wide range of policies and programs on active ageing. At the same time Switzerland is also seen promoting capability, health …show more content…

The report reveals that the elderly people in 10 bottom ranked countries live 5.7 years less than 10 top ranked countries. The post 2015 sustainable development health talks about reducing premature mortality which occurs from non-communicable diseases by promoting mental health and well being as well as the process of prevention and treatment. In this whole process the targeted population is between 30yrs to 70yrs and the aged above 70 years are not at all looked. At the same time gender based policies do not look at the age group of women who are beyond 49 years as they believe women suffering from violence are only who are in reproductive age. This notion is to some extent not true because even there are cases of sexual abuse among the elderly women. When we talk about India, being the country having GNI per capita relatively high and also the political and economic weight still only 28.9% of the population receives pension. 30% of men and 72% of women aged beyond 60 are totally dependent upon

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