The Aging Population

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Aging is considered to be a worldwide phenomenon and there has been analysis conducted regarding certain issues and formulation of strategies regarding aging. In this research paper, attempt has been made to look into the issues and strategies of the aging population. The main areas of this paper are aging of the global population, health of the elderly in winter season, marital status of the elderly, living arrangements among the elderly, and role of criminal justice functionaries and NGOs in the welfare of elderly people. Emphasis has been laid upon the aging of the global population but the main purpose of this research is to understand the issues and strategies that are part of the lives of the aging populations. When recognizing the significance …show more content…

The societies are preparing for the economic and political infrastructure to meet the requirements of the aging populations (Wong, n.d.). There has been development of infrastructural facilities, communications, transportation, roads, due to the increase in the aging populations. The world population continues to grow older speedily as fertility rates have decreased to very low levels in most areas and people tend to acquire a longer life span. When the global pop¬ulation reached 7 billion in 2012, 562 million or 8.0 percent were aged 65 years and above. In 2015, three years later, the older population rose by 55 million and the percentage of the older population reached 8.5 per¬cent of the total population. With the post World War II baby boom generation in the United States and Europe occurred, the older ranks in recent years and with the acceler¬ated growth of older populations in Asia and Latin America; the next 10 years will observe an increase of about 236 million people aged 65 years and older throughout the globe. Thereafter, from 2025 to 2050, the older population is planned to approximately twice to 1.6 billion glob¬ally, whereas the total population will develop by just 34 percent over the same period (Goodkind & Kowal, …show more content…

The elderly people are normally less independent and often require care and support of other individuals in several respects. Taking care of the elderly refers mainly to emotional support; on the other hand, support that is rendered to the elderly refers to financial and material support. Emotional support is expected from family members or other close relatives, whereas, financial and material support is supposed to be the joint effort of the immediate family and society (Chadha,

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