Long-Term Care: A Case Study

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The proposed program will address the needs of minorities 65 and older at the time the programs implementation. Those taking part in the program would not loose any of the health benefits they are receiving from Medicaid under the current SSI health benefits insurance program. As well the person or persons must prove that they cannot afford to reside in a traditional long-term care facility, such as a nursing home or assisted living, without incurring out of pocket cost. To be eligible, the individuals must be African American, U.S. citizen, reside in the state of Mississippi, and have a median $650 SSI income. As well they are not required to liquidate their asset’s and must reapply every year to reevaluate their eligibility. The goal of …show more content…

As well the program's mains goal is based around the desire of the elderly to remain in the comforts of their homes, keep their independence, and ties to the community. Such as attending church, family functions, and leisure activities. The program also addresses their desire to live out their later years in the care of their loved ones. Furthermore, the proposal takes into consideration the desire that the family member has to take care of their loved ones.However, we understand that family member risk poverty themselves by doing so. Therefore, we propose Medicare provide financial compensation for family members, who take classes aimed at addressing the needs it will require handling the daily and minimal health care needs of their family member. While the program proposes home base care, it also recognizes that there will be the elderly individual who's care is too complicated to remain in the home and require facilities, such as nursing homes that have medical staff and medical equipment that is better suited to meet their needs. Therefore, we are not proposing doing away with these facilities nor taking away their funding. However, our proposal is designed to address the needs and desires of the elderly population and their families that have the desire to care for them and capabilities to do so an avenue to achieve these

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