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In 1946-1964 there were approximately 76 million people in the United States people that were born during the era known as the Baby Boomers. During this 18 year span there was an average eleven thousand babies born every day. It is suspected that a large percentage of Baby Boomers were sparked from World War II Veteran’s returning home and creating lives as they assimilated back into society. Prior to 1964 birth control was not available by prescription, therefore large families were a natural result. Early in the 1950’s the department of education were required to build various types of new schools due to the rapid growth of the populace. As a result, there were significant job demands in healthcare, social and political economics, industrialization, and agriculture. The Baby Boomers will redefine retirement because they are still needed in the work force. In 2011, the first wave of the Baby Boomers turned 65 years of age. They have an advanced education with years of experience that is needed to help the economy maintain. Their habits and lifestyle …show more content…

When a baby boomer turns age 65, it is expected that every 5 years their rate of developing medical conditions and diseases will double (Stewart, V. 2015). As a result, healthcare costs will drastically increase. Identifying the disease and condition early is the most efficient way to manage the budget. Medicare and Social Security systems have been forced to change, if the systems had not chosen to evolve with the change the current structure would collapse and/or bankrupt itself. Furthermore, as a means to maintain Medicare and Social Security the retirement age was extended to 66 for individuals who are born from 1943-1954, and 67 for individuals who are born from 1960 and beyond (Social Security Administration,

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