Baby Boom Research Paper

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The explosion of the Second World War gave way to the most defined era of the 20th century. In the wake of a war torn decade, the growing prospect of opportunity spurred the inception of the “Baby Boom”. Millions of individuals were introduced into our world at a rate never seen before in our nation’s history, and as does every generation, these millions of Baby Boomers are aging at an unprecedented rate also. The average lifespan of individuals has steadily increased since the postwar decades with the much advancement in healthcare. The majority of today 's population is expected to live into their eighties. This trend brings the fact that revelations are often processed too late for change to take a substantial impact. This time for realization …show more content…

Today 's disconnection between generations has never been so extreme. The clear distinctions between an older population and the growing youth are equal to night and day. Society 's most sizable population is retiring while a lesser experienced, largely immature generation of millennials are growing exponentially. Rifts will divide our society like never before. This is already evident with young adults clashing with the old school. Look no further than technology to grasp this discrepancy. A substantial percentage of an evolving population is becoming inept to our society’s advancements. This is called a generation gap detaching two immense populations of people into differing mindsets. This resentment is likely to increase as elders tend become more dependent as time goes on, especially on ever advancing healthcare systems. This dissension for each other and technology will consume our culture leaving us scared for the many generations to come.
The countless contributions Baby Boomers have made to our current world are undeniable. The world we know today would not be the same without them, however, as this large group of people age, a series of consequences will corrode the foundation our country is built on. The time to realize the passing of the torch is now, and if we fail to realize this, our country could fall into a facade progression that is already starting to build in our culture, economy, and especially our

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