Joel Stein's The New Greatest Generation

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Me-llennials In “The New Greatest Generation,” Joel Steins focuses on his opinion that millennials are “lazy, entitled, selfish and shallow”(Stein). Stein argues that millennials are narcissistic and self-entitled. Also, that technology is weakening millennials brains. He believes that with each generation it get lazier. But Steins argument is unconvincing because it is based on personal bias and uncited references. Stein incorrectly assumes that millennials are simply lazy. These were similar allegations that Stein's generation needed to manage and essentially every generation that has ever existed. And the worst thing is this cliché that every generation gets worst. “I’m about to do what old people have done throughout history: call those …show more content…

But wait were not the baby boomers the generation of “the pre-AIDS years of free love, the free education, the happy dilettantish flirtations with radicalism,…..the big cars, the enduring sense of smugness”(Hawking). Furthermore, now they have the nerve to accuse their kids for their repercussions. The millenials are the general population who having to experience the “hangover from the baby boomers party”(Hawking). Millenials are drowning in college debt and having to pay off liabilities that the baby boomers generation created. They have to attempt to be financially independent with all the student debt they have to overcome. Not being financially stable how can you blame them for moving back in with their parents. Our national debt is around 17 trillion. It will grow significantly over the few decades unless something is done to reduce it. But the boomers love their credit cards and mortgages. As long as someone is willing to loan them the money they do not seem to care as to how it will be paid off. “We can thank baby boomer leadership for a nation that has no sound policy on foreign affairs, the environment, energy, social welfare, human rights, terrorism, technology development, education, debt, etc”(Balkin). When their 23 year old child comes back to stay with dear mom and dad take a look in the mirror and fault the person looking

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