Baby Boomers Thesis

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Final Thesis The Baby Boomer era has decreased since War War 1, leaving mostly the government and Canadians distress about how this event will impact societies economy and the debts our generation has to pay. Supporting argument #1 With the peak in births during the Baby Boomer era, this has resulted in financial instability within society. Supporting argument #2 Society as a whole is experience difficulties managing the effects of the aging Baby Boomers. Introduction During the 1947 to 1965, about 76.4 million children were born, this phenomenon was eventually labeled as the Baby Boom (Canadian Encyclopedia). Baby Boomers have left a significant impact on our society till this day. In this time period it was common to have 5-7 children …show more content…

The seniors feel unprepared for what is to come, which is another factor on why they are working pass their times Analysis of Senior’s issues with money to Thesis The seniors are facing issues regarding retirement and supporting their children. This has a negative impact on everyone. Body Paragraph #2 Argument #1: Healthcare Transition Sentence Body Paragraph #3: As people age, health becomes more of a concern as people more prone to health problems. Supporting Evidence: This was the time were many people were discovering themselves, so they did drugs, had unprotected sex etc. So most of our taxes will go to these Baby Boomers to pay for their health-care (PhillyMag) This also means that it is to the elder’s advantage because they can take use of the free healthcare The fact that they are growing old means that they are developing issues physically and in some cases mentally (Stat Canada) Analysis of Healthcare to Thesis Healthcare is important to our well being, which is why we have free health care. That also means that Canadians have the burden of paying higher taxes in order to have free health care. Argument #4: The Aging

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