Baby Boomer Argumentative Essay

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Boomers who smoked, because the color of teeth will turn yellow as people get older, and cigarettes worsen this effect even more (Word of Mouth, n.d.). Moreover, enamel problems usually occur to people who like chewing gums, eating candies, and people that are older than 50 years old (Word of Mouth, n.d.). According to the survey of Colgate users (n.d.), there are only 7.4% of people who will be enticed to buy toothpastes that have the property of enamel strengthening. Thus, the number of baby boomers who will be concentrated on toothpastes that have the property of enamel strengthening may be small. However, due to the fact that the average age of Baby Boomers is 61, there is also an increase in oral sensitivity problems occurring as people …show more content…

We’ve decided to target this segment because Generation X makes up 21% of the population (Statistics Canada), and because they have the most purchasing power. We chose enamel strengthening as it covers nearly all the benefits as a preventative. Not only is Generation X typically the parents of the Under 19 Generation - therefore the buyer of that household - (Marketing Zen, 2015), but they often influence the Baby Boomer generation as the children of the aging generation. This connection allows them to exert quite a bit of buying influence, sometimes to the point where they are the buyer for their parents. Also, quite a bit of Generation Y’s population still lives at home, therefore they obtain their products from Generation X or young baby boomers - especially a typical household item like toothpaste. Generation X also has the most stable income, making them very attractive to a business. Oddly enough, in spite of all of this, they are considered the “ignored generation” (Stephy, 2008), which makes their generation a prime …show more content…

We want customers to think of our brand as different from competitors due to the fact that it is local and organic. This will create an incentive for consumers as they would know they were helping the local economy by buying our toothpaste and that they will be helping the environment as well as their own health by using a toothpaste with organic ingredients. We also want consumers to realize that is an effective alternative to other toothpastes and that it will work just as well as other established brands. Also, we are aware that the traditional brands already have a firm position in the minds of customers; therefore, instead of battling for the same “mind space”, we will aim at focusing on our differences and effectiveness.
Positioning statement:
To local, environmentally aware, health conscious, and family oriented adults, our Pitcher Perfect Organic Toothpaste is a highly effective oral care product that prevents yellowed and sensitive teeth by strengthening enamel and lengthening the life of your teeth while also being local and

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