Parenting Argumentative Essay

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One of, if not the most important issue regarding child welfare is the role parents play in their children’s lives. A major issue facing the protection of children is lack of proper parenting education. According to research by the National Children’s Alliance “More than 3 million American children are investigated for child maltreatment each year." The site also states that “Nearly 700,000 children are abused in the U.S annually" and even more alarming statics is that “In 2016, an estimated 1,750 children died from abuse and neglect in the United States.” A major part of this issue stems from parents who overwhelmed or are underprepared to be parents lacking the proper resources and parental knowledge to take care of their children. This is…show more content…
Studies do show more positive behavior in kids whose parents took parenting classes. However, data on the influence of parenting class on child maltreatment is still somewhat unknown and although studies are indicating a decrease in the maltreatment of children more work needs to be done. The other major argument against parenting classes that many feel parents shouldn’t have to take classes and take power into their own hands in raising their kids. Many parents also feel stressed out by parenting classes making them feel depressed and even more inadequate as parents when they don’t do…show more content…
Although more research is needed to find out the true impact of parenting education it 's clear that parenting education is both needed and effective. I personally believe that there is a need for parenting education it not only effective, but a key tool for parents to better raise their children if they need the help. Offering parents, the tools to be better parents is a key component in better child care and protection. More child welfare agencies need to continue investing and implement parenting education programs in order to help families become healthier and
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