Summary Of The Revolution Will Not Be Supervised By Hannah Rosin

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"The Revolution Will Not Be Supervised" by Hannah Rosin is an article written for The Atlantic and is about parenting. The article is in the subject of how overprotective parenting has changed our kids over the past few decades. In my opinion, parenting should not be as overprotective as it is now, and kids are suffering from this. This article is very well written and there are definitely parts I both agree and disagree on. The statement, "The idea was that kids should face what, to them, seem like "really dangerous risks" and conquer them alone. That, she said, is what builds self-confidence and courage" (page 2). I agree with this statement completely. Kids need to be able to take risks and feel danger. If kids never take risks, they won 't be very successful in life in general. To stand out, you need to take risks, and playing it safe doesn 't always work. Also, the statement, "Trust in general has eroded, and parents have sought to control more closely what they can: their children," (page 5). People now are nowhere close to people in the 1970 's. They are just not as close with each other. For example, I don 't even know my next-door neighbors ' names. I feel as though in this world today, we 've looked to the term "community" as something that 's on our phone screens, and not …show more content…

I think parenting should have risks and this over-protective parenting style is affecting the children. Children now don 't know how to think for themselves and do things on their own because their parents are always there to baby them. The author of "The Revolution Will Not Be Supervised" absolutely has the right idea when it comes to parenting. If parents took a step back and let their children handle their own problems, the children in today 's world would function totally differently. This article has definitely changed my point of view on parenting, and I hope parents get the opportunity to read this article and actually follow through with changing their

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