Examples Of Parenting In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Sometimes people don’t realize how much their decisions and choices can effect others around them. Parenting is one of these such cases. The thought of having to raise children is loved by many people, but it is often a feared reality. Many people don’t see themselves as being capable of being a parent, even though they are very capable of being a good parent. Some of the best examples of good parenting fall into the book To Kill a Mockingbird. In this book, Atticus Finch is a loving father who is raising two children, Jem and Scout. He is often a misunderstood individual and is frowned upon by many in his town. By looking at the examples of Atticus Finch’s parenting style, it can be seen how he is a good, loving father to his children who teaches them the proper way in which they should go.
An important aspect to consider when deciding if Atticus Finch is a smart and loving father to his children is to examine some examples from the book To Kill a Mockingbird. One of the first examples of Atticus’ teachings to his children occurs on page 79 when Atticus tells his daughter Scout, “Of course I do. Don’t say nigger, Scout. That’s common.” Atticus is demonstrating that he wants his daughter to be a polite lady of God. He shows …show more content…

He uses many of life’s concepts such as responsibility for their actions and prejudice against others in order to teach his children the way in which young Godly men and women should act. He shows his love for his children by setting certain rules for his children in order to implant values into them that will prove beneficial in their everyday life. By looking at the above examples of Attcius’ teaching styles, it can be seen how imperative one’s decisions can be in the lives of others, and one can find some of the true answers to the mysteries of

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