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Atticus Finch was a model father created by Harper Lee in the best-selling novel “To Kill a Mockingbird.” He was an important figure in the Maycomb, Alabama Community. He raised his children, Jean Louise Finch (Scout) and Jeremy Atticus Finch (Jem) alone as his wife passed away when Scout was little. He taught them a wide set of morals, disciplined them, and became a mentor for his children. Atticus allowed his children to be individuals and did not try to change who they were. He taught them equality among many different types of people in Maycomb. In the 1930’s racism was widespread; Maycomb County consisted of many prejudiced people. Most of the county called black people ‘niggers’, but to Atticus, everyone was equal. Mr. Finch chose to …show more content…

Many people in the

community assumed that Tom was guilty solely because he was black. Atticus knew this mentality was wrong. He felt confident to defend Tom even though he knew that the jury would probably find him guilty, simply based on his skin color. Throughout the trial, Scout and Jem observed and noticed their father’s courage, integrity, and honorable qualities. Nevertheless, he knew he had to try and change the way society viewed black people. He chose to put himself at risk alongside his children to prove Tom Robinson’s innocence and to bring him justice. He taught his children that life involves making difficult decisions. He did not cower in the face of trouble and he held his head high in the community. This lesson became evident throughout the trial and his children learned to respect all people and that doing the right thing is never easy but it is more important than hiding behind closed doors while innocent people suffer. Atticus made a stand, and his children followed in his footsteps. They became children who saw the value in all people regardless of skin color or social class status. He was fair. Atticus’ fairness also shows he is a good father because he believes that everyone deserves a

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