Atticus Finch Good Father Analysis

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What makes a good father? It is someone who is a leader, someone who always wants what is best for you. Especially when times get rough. Over time parenting has changed and grown in many different ways. Authors tackle the ideal parent and different parenting actions and views. Harper Lee in, To Kill A Mockingbird shows many different types of parents. As a single father, character Atticus Finch stands out the most. He shows he is a good parent as he provides important life lessons to his children and others. He shows fairness to others and his kids especially. Lastly he shows that you should always stand up for others no matter what. Atticus finch proves he is a good father because he strives to give Jem and Scout positive life lessons. In …show more content…

When Jem and Scout’s Aunt Alexandra was thinking about moving in with the Finch’s, so they have a woman figure in their life, Atticus says to Scout, ‘’’How’d you like her to come live with us?’’’ (pg 128). This shows he is a good father because he cares about the opinion of his daughter. He honours and respects what she has to say. He is being fair because he knows the type of relationship Scout and her Aunt Alexandra have. He wants to make sure that whatever happens is fair and right and that she is okay with whatever happens. Secondly, in the novel when Jem Finch ruined Mrs. Dubose’s garden after to said to Jem that Atticus is ‘’’Lawed for niggers and trash’’’ (pg 138). Instead of physically punishing Jem like some parents would of done back in that time period. He chooses something fair to do instead. Mrs. Dubose as a ‘punishment’ wanted Jem to read to him. So Atticus says ‘’’Then you’ll do it for a month.’’’ (pg 140). He chose a month a month because in that time Jem started gaining respect for Mrs. Dubose. By Atticus being fair with the punishment and taking the high road, it became a important and positive life lesson for Jem. Lastly, he shows fairness when he thought Jem was the one who stabbed Bob Ewell. Atticus explains ‘’’Of course it was clear cut defense but I’ll have to go to the office and hunt up.’’’ (pg 365). This shows …show more content…

He shows this by saying, ‘’’If I didn’t, I couldn’t hold up my head in the town, I couldn’t represent this country is legislature, I couldn’t even tell you or Jem not to do something.’’’ (pg 75). This shows he is a good parent because he is providing positivity towards his town. By taking the case of Tom Robinson he is making a clear view of what the community should look like. He is setting an example towards his children Jem and Scout. He is not only doing it for Tom Robinson, he is doing it for himself as well. Secondly, Atticus stands up for what is right because the moment he is asked to take Tom Robinson’s case he doesn’t think twice. He knew that someone who is innocent should not have to go to trial for something they did not do. He thinks racism should have an end. By taking this case he not only opens the eyes for his children, he opens the eyes of his peers and community members. He is showing that no matter the race you do what is right. No matter the opinion of others, if you know something is wrong, stand tall and take charge. This is a positive role model where his kids can follow in his footsteps, look up to him and understand the rights and wrongs of things. Lastly, Atticus says, ‘’’I wanted you to see what real courage’s when you know you 're licked before you begin but you begin

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