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Better parenting 101: Parenting Classes There are no set instructions or a manual to teach us to be the best parents we could possibly be to our children, children need the right discipline and care to guide them to the right path in life. The statistics on child abuse is an estimated 1, 670 children who’ve died from abuse and negligence, and nearly 700,000 child victims who suffer abuse annually in the U.S. These children make up the new generations to come, we need to prepare/trust ourselves to raise healthy kids for the future. They say parenting is the “most important job in the world” so we should encourage attending those parenting classes to do the best at that important job. I see teen moms who don’t know the basic skills of living, how to work the laundry or even cook simple rice. How do we expect some new parents to take care of kids when they can’t even take care of themselves. Raising a child is a huge responsibility and it is our job to make sure these kids are well taken care of. I have spoken to many new moms ranging from the ages 17-27 years old, all of these moms became stressed and overwhelmed with the new struggles they had to encounter when having a newborn. My aunt who took parenting classes, says it caused her to be more confident in raising a child because the classes taught her what to expect during the growth …show more content…

To help increase feelings of anxiety you will learn set skills for all developmental stages for a child. There are more compelling reasons to take a parenting class but most importantly think of doing it for the little one you want to try your best for, a child becomes your life and there is no going back from that, they are depending on you. This choice completely changes life in a meaningful way, the preparation goes along way towards positive

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