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I had one defining experience that really showed my transition from childhood to adult hood. I had the fantastic opportunity to participate in a residential high school, the South Carolina Governor's School for the Arts and Humanities, and the first year I had attended this school was my junior year. Going there I had known what I was required of both academically and artistically because I had already attended both of the summer intensives that they provided for my vocal performance. But my junior year is when I had experienced this change into my adult life and when I had left behind my childhood. The experience at school was a defining life moment for the transition because it caused me to be an independent individual. The school had a very demanding level of study with a very burdensome load of work. With this big work load I was taught, and learned, how to work at professional level in both my academics and my artistic requirements. I also had to learn how to get my work done and also practice my vocal technique in a timely fashion while keeping my mind and body healthy. So the school had …show more content…

So life had to drastically transition from me being a lax sophomore that depended on my parents to plan everything for me and keep me in check for school work to living on my own and not having that sturdy support. At this school when I was learning to become an independent individual I had many opportunities to work on my time management and scheduling, and I had to learn how to get over my emotions on my own as a teenager with no parent or sibling to express these feeling to. Also through this whole school experience I had to have relationships with my teachers independently be able to figure out compromises and create bonds with them, without the help of parents and keeping a handle on my

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