Student Housing Research Paper

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Whether you are the parent of a student or the student themselves, you likely are considering your options when it comes to student housing solutions. Of course, you have two main choices that being one campus living or dorms or off campus living, usually in the form of an apartment. In general, off campus living offers more advantages over other options. The following are just a few reasons why:
When living on campus, you are limited to what is allowed by that particular school. In other words, there are certain hours that you are allowed to come and go. Having the freedom to come and go at will in an alternative student housing solution like an apartment doesn’t necessarily mean the ability to party. It can also mean the ability …show more content…

Off-site living provides a way for you to meet new people who aren’t going to your school. Some of these people might even be through school already and working. Making connections with these people can prove advantageous eventually, once you graduate and begin working your contacts to find that first job.
It’s Usually More Budget Friendly:
In life, almost everything comes down to money. College is no different and living off campus is one way to save some money on your overall cost of college. College housing is oftentimes as expensive as the tuition itself and many colleges also require meal plans for their on-campus students. Therefore, living on campus can get pretty expensive. With a college educating costing so much already, you are probably looking for ways to reduce the cost of getting your degree.
More Room to Move Around:
Yet another benefit of off campus apartments a student housing solutions is the fact that an apartment will provide so much more space. On average, a door room is around half the size of a regular sized bedroom. Therefore, by living off campus in an apartment and spending less money to boot, you will have much more room in regards to your living

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