Elementary School Narrative

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Elementary school is an environment where we start off as juvenile, inventive kids and leave as awkward procrastination prone teenagers. We morph into these people and stay that way for a while until high school the place where we can find our roadway in which we will continue for the rest of our lives. On September 5th, 2006, I began my very first day of elementary school, like many of the other kids starting their first day of school, I was nervous and I didn’t want to leave my parents side but eventually, I did and so did everyone else.
I was an only child for about 6 years of life and I didn’t participate in anything that would acquire new friendships or skills, so, in terms of a social life, I didn’t have one. I was reliant on my parents for everything from making food to doing my homework they were there for me. This went on for a while until they realized I needed to learn how to …show more content…

I didn’t want to voice my opinion because I was worried that it wouldn’t be the “right” opinion. I started to let others define me. I overcame this by reminding myself that it was alright for me to be myself and that if I don’t stay true to myself I will end up becoming a different version of someone else. I wouldn’t be myself. I wouldn’t be happy and I realized that all I really wanted was happiness.
I think that in high school it is important to be independent because that’s exactly what high school is preparing us for. It’s about becoming the person you will be when you leave high school; we are equipped for high school and they’re gong to equip us for the world beyond school. From choosing our own courses keeping grades up, and keeping up with homework, we have to become independent in order to

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