Lincoln Elementary-Personal Narrative

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I remember when I was going to start school. The school I went to was called Lincoln Elementary. It was just a short four streets down from my house. I was a little nervous and slightly scared to go. I didn’t want to have to leave home and be gone for so long. Then I got there and realized it wasn’t that bad. We read books, counted numbers, and learned d 'nealian handwriting. My favorite part of the day was recess. I liked that we were able to go outside and play for a while. Although, I was also a bit hesitant. I was extremely shy and didn’t really have many friends. Things got better though. In the first week I met Taylor. I would soon find out she would be my best friend for a long time. Kindergarten was mostly smooth sailing. Though it did present its rough times as well. It was …show more content…

My dad was picking my brother and I up from school. We noticed how sad he looked; he was on the edge of tears. When we asked what was wrong he broke down. He told us our grandfather, his father, passed away. I’ll always remember that moment. This event was another situation where I didn’t fully understand what was going on. Another big part of why I’ll remember that day was because it was the first family member I had lost. After this happened, I look back and think of how much I miss him. One of my favorite things to do in elementary school was color. I always found it calming. Whenever it was too cold or snowy and we had recess inside I would usually go for the coloring sheets and crayons. I also loved playing board games. I was frequently asking my mother to play a board game with me. My favorites were Sorry and Payday. Aside from coloring and board games I also watched a lot of t.v. shows; probably more than I should have. I loved almost anything that came on pbs. I really loved Curious George, Barney, Arthur, Wishbone and several others. I also loved watching the cooking shows that aired on

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