Personal Narrative: Chaps Academy

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When I was 15 I started going to day treatment. It was in Shiocton and was called Chaps Academy. It was in shiocton and was called Chaps Academy. It was for girls only and there were two groups. The first day I went to see it I saw the trainer lunging the horse. I loved it and I wanted to try it.
About a month later I tried riding that horse because, it was so pretty. His name was Gilligan and he was a racehorse. I started going then, he went out of control. He started running and I was so scared I let go of the reins. I had no control over what happened next… The trainer quickly intervened to stop him. When she was right in front of him he stood up on his hind legs and I almost fell off. I held on to the horn of that saddle for my life.

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