Amusement park Essays

  • The Importance Of Amusement Parks

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    The fastest roller coaster in the world The best thing about going to amusement parks is getting on all those rides. As you get older the allure of the merry go round fades and you start to want to go the grown up rides, the ones you have to be a certain height or age for. Americans are crazy about Roller coasters. Riding one is almost like a rite of passage, especially if you are a kid, trying to conquer some fear. There are coasters that are rather scary for being so fast they make your feel

  • Amusement Park Narrative

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    Melissa and Josh are thrilled to finally go out to the new amusement park in town, “Tick-Tock on the Wheel." Word had spread across the city like fire caught on a rope, and the exhilaration seemed to please them all. The main ride meant to captivate the thrill-seekers was the ferris wheel, which supposedly had magical features. Many did not believe in this and labelled it as a superstition, but this did not lessen their excitement. Josh was experiencing another excitement, one that filled

  • Case Study: Georgetown Amusement Park

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    As the newest amusement park in town, Georgetown Amusement Park aims to integrate technology into experiences that will last a lifetime for every guest who enters our turnstiles. As a business, we would like to believe we can achieve maximum profit because we use technology to, for example, cut down on guest wait times to enter the park, wait times for riding attractions, and wait times for food and beverages. Through an initial survey of 100 amusement park enthusiasts, we have identified these

  • Animal Amusement Parks

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    Engrossed in believing that circuses and animal amusement parks are places of enchantment, many are unaware of what is happening behind the scenes. Major companies like The Ringling Brothers have been around for 146 years, giving elephants and other animals an extensive period of suffrage. In 2016 it came to the company's attention that most of the states in America had become anti-circus, leading to the retirement of the iconic elephants. Building a 200-acre center was an act put in place to better

  • Coney Island Research Paper

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    you get closer, this mysterious, red tower looms closer into sight. This red tower is an old, non-functioning Parachute Ride located in the world-famous amusement park, Coney Island. Located in Brooklyn, New York, on 1000 Surf Avenue lies arguably New York’s most thrilling place to be, Coney Island. Coney Island is made up of three different parks, with rides ranging from rollercoasters to a children’s log fume. From the beginning, Coney Island became a very popular tourist destination due to its

  • Personal Narrative: Receiving My First Job

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    it was much more. Working as a ride operator at a local amusement park, Lake Winnie. Many would

  • Glen Echo Amusement Park Case

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    Echo Amusement Park with some of his middle school friends, on a class trip - because of his race. Glen Echo Amusement Park’s policy to exclude people of different nationalities or ethnicities is just because this action was not against Jim Crow Laws at the time, the amusement parks had the right to refuse service to anyone, and because of the 1st Amendment. One important reason that this policy is just is because the action of not letting someone of a different race or ethnicity in the park does

  • Roller Coasters History

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    drop of 85 feet. This coaster was said to have had healing powers after Emilio Franco, mute from birth, was unexplainably cured after riding. The Golden Age ended at the beginning of the Great Depression due to a lack in interests and funds for amusement parks. In 1959, Walt Disney revived roller coasters through the addition of Matterhorn Bobsleds in Disneyland. This coaster was 147 feet tall and was the first to be constructed using steel for the frame and nylon wheels on the

  • Personal Narrative: My First Time At Cedar Point

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    HONK! BEEP! SQUEAKK! Every which way of me, cars are honking and breaks are squeaking but I don’t care because I see it, the best amusement park ever… Cedar Point! For the longest time had I been asking to go here, the day has finally came. I was nine then, my first time at Cedar Point (other then when I was like two or three but I don’t count that) and for most of the car ride I was all smiles. My family would look out and see who could be the first one to find the roller coasters. I thought it

  • Pros And Cons Of West Virginia And Florida

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    your feet. But in West Virginia the grass is green and really soft and lots of people go barefooted. West Virginia and Florida both have great vacation spots and places to see. Although Florida might be bigger and has amazing beaches and awesome amusement parks, West Virginia has lots to offer too. Now I’m going to tell you about the pros and cons of both outstanding states. Although Florida might seem like a state made just for fantastic vacations thanks to its wide sandy beaches and enormous coastline

  • Informative Speech On Hershey Park

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    Do you like to have a great time at amusement parks? Do you like to ride the roller coasters the best? If yes to any of these questions, then come on down Hershey Park to ride The Drop of Death. This ride has one loop, and It features two sideways turns, and a giant drop called the Drop Of Death. This ride is best at night because we feature no lights on the actual ride or track. It gives you a sense of suspense when you don’t know when the actual drop is coming. This ride is going to be one of the

  • Personal Narrative: Ghost Rider

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    When I was informed that I was finally large enough to ride Ghost Rider, I couldn't stop thinking about it. Everything seemed like a rush to me, and when it came time to go to the adventure park, Knott's Berry Farm, it was like I couldn't get the excited feeling out of me. I kept bouncing and squealing, and I tried my very best to stand in line silently and calmly, but I didn't succeed. Although it wasted two hours stay put for, it was the best time of my life on a roller coaster. Ready to climb

  • Old Men Persuasive Speech

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    day in New Deg City. Cars are all over the place, hot dogs, oh hot dogs, are well cooked and smothered in ketchup. New Deg City is an odd place, the kind of place where you have a disturbing feeling you’re being stalked by the illuminati, and amusement parks at the edge of every corner. Lenny D. Deg just woke up by the sound of rollercoasters derailing and blowing up on the streets. “Dang it! I was going to ride that today!” Lenny grumbled in rage. “I guess the kiddy coaster is going to

  • Persuasive Essay About Clearwater

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    provide plenty of water sports and fun activities for family vacations. But there 's more to the area than sand and surf. Daytona offers a variety of entertainment options for land lovers, including a science center, mini golf, and nearby Orlando theme parks. Whether you’re looking for an aquatic adventure or a thrill ride, your family won’t be disappointed. You 'll find Clearwater Beach a family-friendly haven, from the sparkling white sand beaches, to the many restaurants that offer children 's menus

  • Persuasive Essay On Theme Parks

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    I love theme parks! It’s a place for thrills, exhilaration and amusement, where hyper-energy and creativity thrive and joy-rides are but typical. Do you know that theme parks started from the recreational idea of traditional parks? There it goes, theme parks are for recreation. And every fun loving fella would want to be there! Let’s check out seven best theme parks here in England. 1. Alton Towers Thrilling ride in Alton Towers CC: rogerbarker21 Britain’s most popular theme park absolutely thrills

  • Creative Writing: Roller Coaster

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    I was endeavoring to prepare myself for the drop but I was terror-stricken. The more aloft the ride became, the more intimidated I became. At the peak I saw all of Dorney Park and then….. it dropped! I was shrieking because of fear and exhilaration. I had never felt so satisfied, and so free in my life. I heard people guffawing and children wailing. I felt the smooth buckle grasping my waist. I smelled the sweet, yet crisp

  • Personal Narrative: A Day At The Mall Of America

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    Minneapolis, Minnesota and we would be going to the Mall of America. It was the crack of dawn, but I was already wide awake and ready to go. I had been counting down the days until our mission trip to Minneapolis. Never before had I been to a major amusement park, and all I had to do was a little charity. The deal of a lifetime jumped up at me. “Mom! They 're here, I’m leaving!” I exclaimed to my mom. “Okay, have fun!” My mother yelled. I was already out the door ready to hop into my friend’s car

  • Personal Narrative: Colorado Brotherly Bash

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    Colorado Brotherly Bash It was a nice, warm July morning in Shawnee, Kansas when the Turpin and Burner families started their trip to Colorado. After a long stressful night of packing and getting ready for a six-hour long car ride the journey began. There was not much need for entertainment since everyone was so tired from the long night of suffering and misery. My brother and I started fighting even in the car ride to Colorado because we just couldn 't wait that long without engaging in some

  • St. Patrick's Day Informative Speech

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    17th. Aries (March 21-April 19) You’ll go to an amusement park. It’s never been a secret that you love amusement parks. You love thrills, to go fast, for wind to run its fingers through your hair and push your head back. You love to feel like you’re flying, like you’re a free bird able to soar across the sky. Only roller coasters allow you to feel this sense of euphoria that you crave. You jump inside the biggest and longest coaster in the park, giddy with excitement. As it rushes to the top, it

  • Roller Coaster Research Paper

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    Throughout many years, roller coasters have been main attraction for events and places like amusement parks and county fairs. Famous roller coaster are part of iconic landmarks such as Coney Island, Disneyworld, and many other major tourism attractions throughout the world. As millions of people ride these high-speed thrill rides, they are probably not thinking about how the coaster is going so fast, or how they did not just fall out of their seat at that last loop? The most basic concept that can