Hurricane Of The Sea Persuasive Essay

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Have you ever experienced a hurricane on the sea before? Did you ever wonder what a hurricane is like on the ocean? Well, if you want to find out, come to Hershey Park to try our new amusement park ride called “Hurricane of the Sea!” When you ride the amusement park ride, you will be soaked in water as you go, giving off the traits of the hurricane on the sea while going about 65 to 70 miles per hour average speed on the roller coaster ride. Why did we call this “Hurricane of the Sea” you ask? Well, because there’s water that will splash you as you go around the tracks of the coaster. And also, there are plenty of twists, turns, and loops for you to enjoy while on the ride. The ride will get you wet, of course, so make sure you bring some swimsuits with you and be prepared to experience a hurricane first handed! …show more content…

I’ll summarize this for you in the easiest way possible so you can go out there to Hershey Park and ride this astonishing ride! I will first start with how you start at the beginning of the ride, the roller coaster will be pulled by a chain underneath you to pull you up all the way up the 255 foot hill on this ride and then will detach you from it and let you on your way to a freefall and weightless fall down the hill to start enjoying getting splashed by the ferocious, extravagant, hurricane! You will be fastened to a seat by a torso holder to keep you safe from falling out of the ride along the way, you will also have a seatbelt to keep you in your seat at all times. There will be 5 trains on this ride with 4 seats for each, so 20 people can ride in every cycle. Finally, when you get to the top, you’ll fall down the 255-foot hill and go straight down the hill and accelerate to about 75 miles per hour. As soon as you go down the hill, you will immediately be bombarded with the twist, turns, and

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