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  • Essay On Tropical Cyclone

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    A Tropical Cyclone is an intense circular storm that originates over warm tropical oceans and is characterized by low atmospheric pressure, high winds, and heavy rain (Mavume 2009). Depending on its location and strength, a tropical cyclone is referred to by names such as hurricane, typhoons.Jury (2003) states that, by drawing energy from the sea surface through intense evaporation and maintaining its strength with proximity to warm water, a tropical cyclone can generate winds that can exceed

  • Hurricanes In Tropical Cyclones

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    the Royal Meteorological Society (2012), a hurricane is a Tropical Cyclone. Tropical Cyclones are deep low pressure systems that occur in tropical or sub-tropical waters. (Royal Meteorological Society, (2012)) Hurricanes are tropical depressions at a sustained surface wind speed below 39 mph and become tropical storms when winds exceed this. (Royal Meteorological Society, (2012)) When winds exceed 73 mph, they become severe tropical cyclones, also known as hurricanes. (Royal Meteorological Society

  • Tropical Cyclone Tracey Case Study

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    Cyclone Tracey – Topic question: Why was Tropical Cyclone Tracey so significant to Australia? Initial Research: Tropical Cyclone Tracey was a small but catastrophic that hit Darwin in 25th of December 1974 and lasted two days. Accounted of 65 lives and destroyed lots of infrastructure and environment. Winds going at a pace of 50km/h and then hitting speeds of at 217km/h. Within 3 weeks, the cyclone lead to 2/3 of the population leaving to find safety. Why have I decided to do Tropical Cyclone

  • The Causes And Impacts Of Hurricane Katrina And Tropical Cyclones

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    According to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), hurricanes, or tropical cyclones, are storms that usually in warm ocean waters with low vertical shears, or winds that do not change in speed as it travels up in the atmosphere. This phenomenon begins with a small distribution of rain clouds above warm sea water that eventually builds up into a tropical storm, with wind speeds reaching 63 kilometers per hour. Under the right conditions, the storm will gain rapid wind speeds of

  • Hurricanes: Tropical Cyclones That Form In Warm Climates

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    Hurricanes What is a hurricane? Hurricanes are tropical cyclones that form in warm climates. Hurricanes are formed when moisture evaporates and rises but is twisted in mid-air. There are also 3 parts parts to a hurricane: the eye, the eye wall, and the rainbands. They have violent winds and sometimes kill hundreds. What are the categories of a hurricane? There are 5 categories to a hurricane some people even consider a 6th category but it’s not official yet. The first category (category 1 hurricane)

  • Cyclone Nargis In Myanmar Case Study

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    Cyclone Nargis, Myanmar, 2008 1.Introduction 1-1 geographical Background The Republic of the Union of Myanmar is the biggest country in mainland of South-East Asia surrounded by India, China and Thailand with area of 676,578 square km and a population of 51.5 million. Its 2000km coastline covers almost the whole of east coast of the Bay of Bengal.(UNISDR, 2012 단체1) Countries around this bay are usually intimidated by the destruction of storm surges associated with tropical cydones. Particularly

  • Causes Of Floods In Mozambique

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    capital Maputo was flooded. Torrential rain continued to the11th February, in Mozambique’s Limpopo Valley, the banks of the Limpopo River burst, causing severe flood damage; residents of the area were struck with dysentery. On 22 February, a tropical cyclone hit the Mozambican coast near Beira.On February 27, flash floods overwhelmed low farmlands around Chokwe and Xai-Xai.It was the most flood in 50 years.

  • Cause And Effect Essay On Hurricanes

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    Introduction A hurricane is a type of storm called a tropical cyclone, which forms over tropical or subtropical water (NOAA’s National Ocean Service). when a storm’s wind speed is 74 mph it is called as hurricane. Hurricanes form in Atlantic basin. Different examples of hurricane are hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy that made massive destruction in their areas. The warm and moist air rises over the ocean surface, this air moves up and away from the surface and then there is less air left near

  • The Causes Of Floods: Climate Change And Natural Disasters

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    excessive or heavy rainfall that comes from storm through the cause of the abnormal weather condition or what they called climate change. Philippines is located along the Pacific region near the Equator where cyclones which is prone to tropical cyclones and storms. Around 19 tropical cyclones or storms enter the Philippine Area of Responsibility in a typical year and half of these make landfall making the country very susceptible to floods. Davao City is” typhoon” free being shielded with mountain

  • Hurricane Grace Research Paper

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    that left the East coast of the United States. On October 28th a extratropical cyclone progressed along a cold front to the East of Nova Scotia. On Oct 27th, Hurricane Grace developed from a pre existing subtropical storm and was originally moving northeastward, had made a turn and headed east. Hurricane Grace was drifted upwards by its cold front into a warm zone of circulation of the deep cyclone on Oct 29th. The cyclone strikingly got stronger as a result of a temperature contrast between the cold

  • Essay On Hurricane And Hurricanes

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    is the hurricane because of its effects to the damage of property,environment,and death toll. Hurricanes are one of the many natural disasters that occur on earth.According to a national geographic article hurricanes are,”giant,swirling tropical storms that can pack wind speeds over 160 miles an hour and unleash more than 2.4 trillion gallons of rain a day.”Hurricanes have a lot of precipitation which means that

  • Essay On Effects Of Hurricane

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    above the ocean then move to the land and we call it “hurricane” when the wind speeds reach up to 74 mph. However, these storm are call in different names depends on the location that they occur. For example, we call it “typhoon” in Pacific Ocean, “cyclone” in Indian Ocean, etc. In these essay, we will point on the two-main cause and two-main negative effect of the hurricane and some idea of the basic preparation. One of the reasons that cause hurricane it depends on the environment. Hurricane use the

  • Climate Change And Natural Disasters

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    Within the past year, several violent hurricanes have swept through the United States’ east coast. Hurricanes have been begun to not only become increasingly larger in size and strength, but also more frequent within the last one-hundred years. Why is this happening? These monstrous storms occur due to increasing amounts of carbon dioxide being trapped in the Earth’s atmosphere; what scientists refer to as climate change. Climate change is defined as the rise in average surface temperatures on Earth

  • Causes Of Natural Disasters

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    the majority of flood deaths in developing countries (Jonkman et al. 2005). The Philippines is a known country most exposed to tropical storms in the world. due to its location along the Ring of Fire, or typhoon belt a large Pacific Ocean region. In the recent years Mindanao especially Cagayan de Oro has been experiencing Flashflood. On 2011 of December 16 Tropical Storm Sendong brought flooding and mudslides that resulted in over 650 deaths and 800 still missing (Matt, 2011). Caban,Corrales

  • How Do Hurricanes Affect Climate Change

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    scientists refer to as climate change. Climate change has caused the Earth’s average temperatures to rise over the past several years. These rising temperatures drive many natural disasters; including hurricanes. Historically, hurricanes and other tropical storms are the most dangerous, deadly, and costly natural disasters. Temperatures are hypothesized to continue to rise, causing lethal storms to occur due to the rising

  • Persuasive Essay On Natural Disaster

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    A natural disaster is adverse event happening from the processes of the earth. At the year 2012 there were nine hundred and five natural disasters happening. Overall the cost was US$170 billion then they suffered a $70 billion loss.. There many types of natural disasters such as landslide, avalanche, drought, wildfire, flood, tsunami, volcanic eruption, tornado, earthquake, hurricane and many more. A landslide involves elements of the ground, including rocks and anything else which may happen to

  • Essay On Natural Hazards In Bangladesh

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    Natural hazards like tropical cyclone and storm surges, riverbank erosion, flood, as well as landslide and drought are regularly happened in the coastal area of Bangladesh because of its unique position. In fact, Bay of Bengal is the perfect breeding ground for the tropical cyclone. Low altitude with gentle slope and funnel shape characteristics near the adjacent seashore gives a way to create bigger storm surge in the coastal inland area. Since soil of this area has muddy characteristics, mud flow

  • Disasters In The Philippines Essay

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    The world has seen and experiences all kind of natural and even man – made disasters. Hundreds of violent floods, terrifying storms, scorching heat and drought have left about 606,000 people and a total of 4.1 billion left injured and homeless in a span of last two decades (1995 – 2015), according to a United Nation report. This kind of extreme weather – related disasters have caused nearly two trillion dollar in economic losses. According to the report, the five countries hit the hardest were the

  • What Is A Natural Disaster Essay

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    temperatures, drought and wildfires), meteorological (cyclones and storms/wave surges) or biological (disease epidemics and insect/animal plagues).” While this definition may sound very technical, the actual effects of these disasters can be extremely hash to our environment and thus can have catastrophic effects on life as we know

  • Speech About Hurricanes

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    better not be late! You better find shelter ‘cause it’s headed your way.” These lyrics were taken from “Hurricane” a famous song written by Bahamian artist, Phil Stubbs. According to Webster’s New Dictionary, “a hurricane is defined as a violent, tropical, cyclonic storm of the Western Atlantic” (Agnes, 2003, p. 316). Hurricanes are known for being engines of destruction because they cause an extensive amount of damage to the island landforms that they pass over. Hurricanes mainly form over warm oceanic