The Role Of Hurricane Katrina In New Orleans

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Hurricanes can cause extensive damage and destroy whole cities. Such as Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans August 23rd through August 31st. Hurricanes are massive storms that form over the ocean, and can destroy whole cities. Before a hurricane occurs, and while it grows, there will be. Flash floods because of extensive amounts of rain flooding will occur quickly and without much warning. There will also be very strong winds, anywhere from 74 miles per hour to over 156 miles per hour. This wind is strong enough to uproot trees move cars and even through the trampoline out of a yard into a friends three blocks down the street. Hurricanes around the world can drop 2.4 trillion gallons of water in a day. That’s a lot of water. How it starts is…show more content…
In New Orleans Louisiana, a city built below sea level on the coast of Louisiana. During this event there were 134,000 houses damaged or destroyed in New Orleans alone. (There are not even 19,000 houses in Mifflin county) that 's a lot of houses destroyed by a hurricane. During this hurricane there were more than 1,000,000 displaced residents that 's one twelfth of Pennsylvania’s population. the flooding alone from this hurricane was anywhere from 1 foot to 10 feet deep depending on where you were in the city but 10 feet is almost as tall as a house. That is a lot of water. The craziest is the 135 billion dollars in damage that 's a lot of money for a hurricane to cause the most out of any hurricane actually (plyer, 2015). This drastic event also caused the death of 986 Louisiana residents that 's over half of the deaths caused by all of hurricane Katrina. There was an estimated 1833 people killed by the whole hurricane. Out of those people that died 40 percent of them died from drowning, 25 percent of people died from trauma, 11 percent of the people died of heart conditions and the other 24 percent died of other or unknown causes. The impact this hurricane had on families was crazy. After this hurricane, the population of New Orleans went down by 254,502 people that 's a decrease of over half of the city 's total population. Throughout the whole hurricane over 6000 homes were…show more content…
Third, some warning systems, radar, and technology to notify people before the hurricane are weather radars that are used to see the storm form and move over the ocean and over land so they can tell people where and even when the storm will hit them and even how bad it 's going to be. There are also “super computers” that can detect the storm up to 5 days before it hits land. There are also unmanned aircrafts and drones. NASA currently has 2 global Hawk drones these Hawks are 44 feet long and 15 feet high (Oskin, 2013). There are also specially equipped manned airplanes to fly over the ocean and watch the storm and record footage of the storm. Next some ways to prepare ahead of time just in case of a hurricane are to have a meeting place somewhere on the lowest floor of your house so you know where everyone is if a storm would occur. Additionally every family should have a first aid kit and a storage of flashlights and food just in case of a hurricane. During a hurricane people should stay inside so they don’t get hit by anything flying around outside. People should also stay in the basement or lowest floor of your house but a sad fact is that over one third of people don’t have a hurricane disaster plan in place for their dogs and cats another way to prepare your whole house for a hurricane are to buy hurricane proof windows for your house. You can also get hurricane shutters and hurricane doors for your house that are garneted to stand up to a hurricane. In

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