The Saffir-Simpson Hurricane

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It is estimated that ten thousand people die each year worldwide due to hurricane’s. Hurricanes are large swirling storms that produce winds of one hundred and nineteen kilometers per hour or higher. Hurricanes form over warm ocean waters and sometimes they strike land. When a hurricane reaches land, it pushes a wall of ocean water ashore, known as a storm surge. The heavy rain from the storm surge can cause extreme flooding to occur. There are different parts to a hurricane such as the eye, eye wall, and rain bands. The eye of a hurricane is the hole at the center of the storm. Winds are light in that area and skies are partly cloudy and sometimes clear. The eye wall is a ring of thunderstorms that swirl around the eye. The wall is where winds …show more content…

Category one is winds one hundred and nineteen up to one hundred and fifty-three kilometers per hour which is faster than a cheetah. Category two is winds of one hundred and fifty-four to one hundred and seventy-seven kilometers per hour which is as fast as a baseball pitcher’s fastball. Category three is winds of one hundred seventy-eight to two hundred and eight kilometers per her which is close to the serving speed of a professional tennis player. Category four is winds two hundred and nine to two hundred and fifty-one kilometers per house which is faster than the world’s fastest roller coaster. Category five hurricanes are winds more than two hundred and fifty-two kilometers per hour which is similar-to the speed of some high- speed trains.
Hurricane Harvey formed August seventeenth of this year and it dissipated September third. It was an Atlantic hurricane and was the first hurricane to make landfall in the United States since Wilma in two-thousand five. In four day’s many areas received more than forty inches of rain as the system come over eastern Texas and near waters, causing catastrophic flooding. Harvey was the wettest tropical cyclone on record in the United States, it resulted in the flooding of hundreds of thousands of homes and it displaced thirty thousand

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