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  • Land Loss In Louisiana

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    Over the past century or so, twenty-two of the fifty states have lost an average of fifty percent of their wetlands, however, Louisiana’s total loss is over ninety percent of the nation’s total. What is somewhat different about Louisiana’s land loss is that it is natural. The land it was built on is naturally inclined to sink over the years. The real problem with this in the last century, is that land is now being lost far faster than it can be replaced. This loss ranges from 0.1 to 11.1 square miles

  • Louisiana Purchase

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    In America’s history there have been many events or times that have in a way changed and shaped how we live today. The Louisiana Purchase could be recognized as one of the best and most impressive real estate purchases of Thomas Jefferson’s past. Also, this purchase could be looked at as one of the most important events in America’s past. Many historians would agree on this, but many opinions would be different on the fact if this purchase was actually worth the buy or not. Even Jefferson himself

  • Louisiana Informative Speech

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    Louisiana is one of the southern most states in the United States. Its natural beauty and charm will leave you breathless. Louisiana has amazing festivals, state parks, history, and food. Louisiana has music in the air everywhere you go. You’ll never want to leave the great southern state of Louisiana. Louisiana is historic state with great foods and music. You’ll fall in love at the first look you get. Baton Rouge is the capital of Louisiana. If you are wanting to know a little bit about Baton Rouge

  • Louisiana Purchase Vs Louisiana Cession

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    commonly known as the Louisiana Purchase and the Mexican Cession. Discussion The Louisiana Purchase is a term that is commonly used to reference the acquisition of the expansive Louisiana land by the U.S. from the French authorities back in the year 1803. The U.S.

  • The Louisiana Purchase

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    Discuss the acquisition of the Louisiana Purchase. How important were Lewis and Clark? In 1718 New Orleans was founded by the French. At the end of the French and Indian War, France lost its lands east of the Mississippi to Great Britain. In another treaty, France agreed and gave New Orleans Louisiana and the French lands west of the Mississippi to Spain. In the late 1700s, when Napoleon became the first emperor of France, his aspiration was to build a colonial empire in North America. In 1800, Napoleon

  • French Louisiana Economic Development

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    French Louisiana: Economics and Development When Louisiana was first settled in 1699 by French immigrants, the colonies of the newly formed state were in an impoverished, unprofitable position. The colonies' destitution was due to the lack of resources provided by their new land and government, as well as France's political and economic negligence. However, after long years of poverty, the colony would one day turn a profit by trading their naturally occurring precious metals for paper money and

  • Swot Analysis Of Usa Louisiana

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    Shreveport Louisiana, founded in 1836 by the Shreve town company, a company established to develop a town at the juncture of the Red River and the Texas Trail. Shreveport named after Captain Henry Miller Shreve, who was a steamboat captain in the 1830s who cleared the “Great Raft” log jam along the Red River, clearing the great raft it opened up the area to commerce, which starts the growth and leading to the establishment of Shreveport. Due to high taxes, many people do not reside inside the city

  • The Role Of Flooding In Louisiana

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    Louisiana has one of the most fragile coastlines that are prone to flooding because of natural recurring disasters such as hurricanes (floodsmart.gov). Since Louisiana has a lot of different types of water bodies, such as the Gulf of Mexico, bayous, rivers (i.e. Mississippi River), a lot of the residents are at a greater risk of being flooded (floodsmart.gov). Throughout the years, Louisiana has experienced millions and millions of dollars in damages caused by hurricanes or flooding. The most

  • Causes Of The Louisiana Purchase

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    The United States and France had a deal between each other with the land of Louisiana called the Louisiana Purchase. Our country gained about eight hundred twenty seven thousand square miles of the land West of the Mississippi River for $15 million from France. President Thomas Jefferson wrote a letter in April 1802 to Pierre Samuel and predicted that this event was the beginning of a war which will explode on the countries of both of the shores of the Atlantic. For the U.S, the spread to the West

  • Louisiana Purchase Essay

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    During Thomas Jefferson’s presidency, the Louisiana Purchase became one of the most important events during the time according to World Book. The purchase not only heightened the amount of economic resources, but it also doubled the size of the U.S. Many different events led up to the 15 million dollar purchase of the Louisiana territory. As stated in American History, we are all still uncertain if the U.S had demonstrated signs of wanting to purchase the territory or if France proposed to sell

  • Disadvantages Of Louisiana Purchase

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    The Louisiana Purchase territory has had the biggest impact on the United States because of profits, the Mississippi river, and the disadvantages. The land included in the purchase stretched from the Mississippi River to the Rocky Mountains. To most Americans, the Louisiana Purchase looked like the greatest land deal in history because it was nation’s first opportunity for expansion. Louisiana Purchase doubled the size at a bargain price for just 2 to 3 cents an acre. On April 30, 1803, Napoleon

  • Louisiana Purchase 1800s

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    The Louisiana Purchase is one of the largest buys in American History. Many changes affected the size of the U.S in the early 1800’s.The Louisiana purchase took place in 1803 for the cost of 15 million dollars. The amount of money that was given for the purchase was very cheap at that time for the U.S. As a result Americans bought more land to colonize. The amount of acres that was bought was unbelievable because it doubled the size of America. The Louisiana purchase was 828,000 square miles.

  • Louisiana Geography Chapter 2 Summary

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    Louisiana: The History of an American State discusses how culture and geography relate to each other in Chapter 1 and 2. In Ch. 2,”Louisiana’s Geography”, the writers of the textbook divide the discussion about geography into five different topics. Organized into their own section, the topics include ’location’, ‘waterways’, ‘natural regions’, ‘climate’, and ‘human environment interaction’. For the purposes of understanding the role that geography has in shaping culture, only four of the five sections

  • The Pros And Cons Of The Louisiana Purchase

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    The Louisiana Purchase was a “land deal” made between France and the U.S. in December of 1803, where France sold America 828,000 miles of land along the west side of the Mississippi River for 15 million dollars (approximately 4 cents per acre). People regard it as Thomas Jefferson’s greatest achievement because of how drastically it changed the United States. The purchase greatly expanded America and brought many other benefits along with it. Although it was definitely a major benefit to the United

  • Louisiana Purchase Pros And Cons

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    The Louisiana Purchase The Louisiana Purchase was land in North America owned by the French and bought by the United States. Thomas Jefferson the current president in 1803 along with other U.S. ministers, negotiated with France for the purchase of the Louisiana territory. Not everyone agreed with the purchase since the U.S. was already in national debt; yet the buying of the Louisiana territory had more pros than cons. Once the territory joined the U.S., it would expand the USA land by twice

  • Jefferson's Dilemma In The Louisiana Purchase

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    Jefferson’s dilemma in the Louisiana Purchase In April of 1803 Thomas Jefferson was faced with many moral dilemmas in the process of buying the Louisiana territory. Though the price for the territory was beyond generous, Jefferson felt that by purchasing the territory he would be going against his beliefs that the constitution should be followed word for word. The constitution said nothing of the president having the power to purchase land from another government, or to use money of the

  • Louisiana Purchase Advantages And Disadvantages

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    opposing disadvantage. With that being said, President Thomas Jefferson faced several different advantages and disadvantages with the purchasing of Louisiana from France. In this paper I will be stating several advantages and disadvantages that President Thomas Jefferson faced during and after the purchase of Louisiana.     One of the advantages of The Louisiana Purchase ,was the gaining of the New Orleans Port and the Mississippi River. “In 1802, The Spanish governor of New Orleans denied Americans the

  • What Was The Louisiana Purchase

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    The Louisiana Purchase The Louisiana Purchase was a major purchase for the United States in 1803 in which the United States acquired approximately 827,000 square miles of land West of Mississippi River for $15 million dollars. When Jefferson became president in 1801, Louisiana Vast territory included the most important port of New Orleans which was the mainly used for shipping in the south. The western expansion by United States was hindered by the loss of rights to the Mississippi River and the

  • Louisiana Purchase Research Paper

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    Three treaties were signed in the Louisiana Purchase agreement. The first outlined the transfer of the territory from France to the United States. The other two treaties, called conventions, described how the United States would pay France. The two nations agreed that the United States would pay France $11,250,000 in cash over a period of fifteen years. Furthermore, some American citizens claimed that the French government owed them money for goods that the French navy had seized at sea. For the

  • Louisiana Purchase Nationalism

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    The Louisiana Purchase was a huge contribution to nationalism.It doubled the size of the United States which increased the sense of pride in every American. Gaining this vast amount of land also gave people more territory to move to, settle, farm, or industrialize. This led to Americans feeling as if they had gained a larger sense of freedom. Citizens of the United States now had an opportunity to explore new land, and start a new life. The Louisiana Purchase led to an increase in agriculture, trade