Louisiana Informative Speech

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Louisiana is one of the southern most states in the United States. Its natural beauty and charm will leave you breathless. Louisiana has amazing festivals, state parks, history, and food. Louisiana has music in the air everywhere you go. You’ll never want to leave the great southern state of Louisiana. Louisiana is historic state with great foods and music. You’ll fall in love at the first look you get.
Baton Rouge is the capital of Louisiana. If you are wanting to know a little bit about Baton Rouge here’s some facts you ought to know. Baton Rouge is home to the largest inland deep water port located on the Mississippi River. It is also known as the Port of Greater Baton Rouge. The shipping channel has a 45-foot wide mouth that is maintained by the United States Army Corps of Engineers. The port is also linked to some of the …show more content…

Mardi gras is and always will be the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. Mardi gras marks the end of carnival season. Mardi gras is also known as Pancake Day. In England, Australia, Ireland, Canada, and New Zealand, people will often be seen celebrating Mardi gras by eating pancakes and joining in on pancake themed activities. The official colors of Mardi gras are purple, gold, and green. Purple signifies justice, gold means power, and green stands for faith. And King’s cake (or three king’s cake) is eaten throughout the world during carnival season. In the US, it is traditionally purple, green, and gold, with a trinket baby Jesus inside. Whoever gets the baby Jesus is said to have good luck all year. New Orleans has been celebrating Fat Tuesday with parades since 1837. The first floats appeared in the parades in 1857. Masks are required by law for float riders. And it is illegal to ride on a float without a mask. The original purpose of the mask was to get rid of social constraints for the day, allowing people to mingle with whomever they

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