Hurricane Ten Research Paper

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A hurricane is a storm with a violent wind, in particular a tropical cyclone in the Caribbean. One of the biggest hurricanes that hit the world was Hurricane Ten. Hurricane Ten is the oldest Category 5 hurricane in the official North Atlantic hurricane database, which dates back as far as 1851. The hurricane first struck the Western tip of Cuba with winds of 165 miles per hour causing roughly 90 deaths. Hurricane Ten later struck the United States in South Florida causing minimal damage. The power of the hurricane depends on how rapidly water can evaporate from the ocean. Evaporation transfers heat from the ocean into the atmosphere. Since Global warming is happening and is a very important subject to this day there is a lot of evaporation happening when there is a hurricane. Climate change will increase the amount of devastation due to hurricanes as sea levels rise because of global warming
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. Hurricanes also have the effect of heavy rainfall. This makes small islands that got affected in even more danger because of the flooding. The rainfall usually varies from six to twelve inches. High wind speeds are also a major effect of hurricanes. These high winds can easily destroy homes and buildings. Tornados are also often produced by hurricanes. Some hurricanes develop several tornadoes, while others create none at all. more than half of hurricanes that happen will develop at least one tornado. There is no way to predict which hurricanes will produce tornadoes. Rip tides are also another effect of hurricanes. A rip tide is a strong sea current. They push away from the shore as a strong storm is near. Rip tide warnings are often the first warning of a nearby hurricane. Rip tides are formed by the strong winds pushing water towards the shore. The wind of hurricane can push waves up against the shoreline even if the hurricane is hundreds of miles

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