Pacific Ocean Essays

  • Biotic Factors In The Pacific Ocean

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    Oceans have been one of the first things that have been formed on the planet Earth. What are the things that need to keep it “running”? In the Pacific Ocean, biotic factors include fish, whales, sharks, dolphins, jellyfish, and a lot more. These are all biotic factors because they are living or once were living. On the other hand, things that are not living and never were living are called abiotic factors. Things like sunlight, water currents, temperature, and many more fall into this category.

  • Pacific Ocean Compare And Contrast

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    The Pacific Ocean’s water temperature can range from lower than the freezing point of water (29 degrees fahrenheit) to 86 degrees fahrenheit. These temperatures can vary because of the location of the Pacific Ocean, some areas are closer to the equator or on the equator. and others are farther north/south. The Pacific Ocean’s yearly weather pattern is pretty consistent the northern pacific is warmer because this area is closer to the equator and the southern part is colder because this area is closer

  • Trash In The Pacific Ocean Essay

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    Our ocean is an amazing place that provides so many necessary things for our survival. Much of the meat that the world eats comes from the ocean. Our oceans are the reason that its easy to ship large amounts of cheap products from China to the United States. Other than that, the ocean is such an awesome place to see strange and even alien creators. It is the place our children dream about. Then why are we killing it and the wondrous animals that live in it? The Pacific oceans gyre is a swirling

  • Bora Bora Essay

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    Imagine sleeping in an overwater bungalow over the ocean. Get ready to hear what it’s like to look at breathtaking views and explore a vast island named Bora Bora. This place with 121 islands scattered across more than 1,930,500 square miles in the southern Pacific Ocean is a great place to visit. Bora Bora is an amazing island to relax on and have fun with your friends and family. The very first discovery of Bora Bora was made in 1722 by Jakob Roggeveen. The second discovery was made by James Cook

  • Why Is Francisco Pzarro Important

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    Peru and its city state. Pizarro was an explorer who was historically important because he was on two explorations that were not led by him, although he was a participant in discovering the Pacific Ocean and the city of San Sebastian, he joined the expedition of Nunez de Balboa where they discovered the Pacific Ocean in 1513, and he founded Peru and took over the Incan people Peru and took their leader hostage. These reasons show that Pizarro was historically important, even if citizens of Spain and

  • An Informative Essay: Sir Francis Drake

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    According to “Francis Drake”, by Staff, Spain, his life-long, starkest foe, saw repeated devastation for he relentlessly sacked and plundered Spanish cities off the coast of Florida. He also sailed to North America and claimed new land on the Pacific coast for Queen Elizabeth II, becoming the first Englishman to circumnavigate the globe (

  • Theme Of Unbroken Essay

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    trials. Even through all the pain and agony, Louis is tenacious and never surrenders. The theme of Unbroken is to never give up because Louis wouldn’t have made it through trying to go to the Berlin Olympics, being stranded on a raft in the Pacific Ocean, and imprisoned at POW camps in Japan. One example of never giving up in Unbroken is when Louis is competing to be in the Berlin Olympics. During the 5,000m qualifier: Louie sped up to go around him, but Casey sped up also, carrying Louis most

  • Rongorongo Scripts Mystery

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    The Rongorongo Scripts Mystery Rapa Nui, or as it known today, Easter Island is about 64 square miles. It is located in the South Pacific Ocean about 2,300 miles west of Chile and 2,500 miles east of Tahiti. Dutch explorers named it Easter Island in commemoration of the day of their arrival in 1722. After annexation from Chile in the 19th century, it maintains its economy based on tourism today with people coming from across the globe to see the almost 900 giant stone figures. These huge stone heads

  • Australian Defence Forces Case Study

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    Australia is a relatively small and new nation compared to the larger more established countries. Due to the newness of Australia we rely on defensive help and protection from various other countries such as the British Empire, New Zealand, Polynesia, and the United States of America. Australia’s sole military alliance is placed with The United States. The US allows Australia an Australian Defence Force (ADF) to also be capable to serve in the American military. Australia has multiple other military

  • Code Switching In Samoa's Culture

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    In the South Pacific Ocean lies the island nation of Samoa. Samoa is split in two with the western, formerly known as Western Samoa, now referred to as Samoa as of 1997. The eastern half is named American Samoa, a territory of the United States of America. Believed to have been populated by Polynesians which may have been from Tonga around 1000 BCE, Samoa was said to be the origin of voyagers settling eastern Polynesia. 1722 was the first recorded sighting of Samoans by Dutch explorer Jacob Roggenveen

  • Conch Shell And Lord Of The Flies Analysis

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    When the boys were stranded on the island in the Pacific Ocean, they were left to fend for themselves without parental guidance. The fair boy, Ralph, found a conch shell and used it to summon meetings and provide a sense of control. This shell was a powerful symbol of civilization and order. The inhabited

  • Pebble Beach Vacation

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    feats. The surrounding nature that engulfs the resort creates a mystical scene unknown to the city dweller. Pebble Beach Resort and Spa is truly a hidden gem of Northern California and is worth traveling to. The accommodations provided and surrounding ocean views will leave your family or group feeling astounded by the quality care and mesmerizing location. The resort tucked away by Monterey Cypress trees which grow naturally in the area, making any traveler feel like they entered a forest paradise. This

  • Shinto And China's Influence On Japanese Culture

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    Japan, a rugged island country slightly smaller than California resting in the Pacific Ocean. The island of Japan is home to many active and dormant volcanoes, abundant with mountainous terrain. Japanese have always been recognized for their deep cultural ties, notorious for adopting cultures though the environment around them. Historically Japan has accepted new ideals from nature to its neighboring countries. Japan 's alluring landscape has constantly influenced Japanese lifestyle. Shinto,

  • Dynamic Characters In Laura Hillenbrand's Unbroken

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    of Francis McNamara, the symbolic nature of the sharks, and the theme of survival and resilience. Francis McNamara, the tail gunner of the B-24 nicknamed “Green Hornet”, was one of the three survivors of the plane crash in the Pacific Ocean. Mac after the first night on the water, panicked and ate all of the rations meant to feed the man until possible rescue (Hillenbrand, page number). This mistake caused him to become overcome with a melancholic depression, only speaking

  • Mount Fuji Research Paper

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    Introduction Mount Fuji is the tallest mountain in Japan standing at 12385 feet (3776 m) and is located on the main island Honshu 62 miles (100 km) southwest of Tokyo. It has a 78 miles circumference and a 25-30 miles in diameter around the base with a 1600 feet diameter crater. The mountain is surrounded by five lakes, Lake Kawaguchiko, Lake Yamanaka, Lake Saiko, Lake Motosuko, Lake Shojiko. The conic stratovolcano lies above a complex tectonic area known as the “Fossa Magna” which is the collision

  • Civil War: The Korean Peninsula

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    The Korea Peninsula or otherwise referred to as Korean Peninsula is a peninsula in Eastern part of the Asian continent. It extend towards south for about 1,100 kilometers into the Pacific Ocean from the continental Asia. The Korean peninsula is surrounded by East China Sea which is to its south, the East Sea which is more commonly known as Sea of Japan is to its east and Yellow sea is to the west on the peninsula. Korea Straight connects the East China Sea and Sea of Japan. The northern bounderies

  • Easter Island Essay

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    Named for the Sunday morning it was landed on by Europeans for the first time, Easter Island is a Polynesian island in the southeastern Pacific Ocean. It exists as a special territory to Chile, having been annexed in 1888. After people began to document the inhabitants and history of the isle, it became known as a lesson in overexploiting the land to the point of destroying nature and their society. Often it is shown to students taking an introductory cultural anthropology class. Aside from this

  • What Is Peruvian Huayno Dance

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    Peruvian Huayno Peru is located in the west of South America. A country with a variety of dance movement that express culture and history of the Peruvian people. The Huayno, is one of the most commonly practiced folkdances throughout the Andes. It is also performed in Chile, Bolivia, Argentina, and Ecuador but it originated and remains the most popular in Peru. Even though there are no historical records. It is commonly assumed that Huayno originated in the Incan Empire. In the Andes of Peru,

  • Essay On Iceland

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    Iceland is an Island located in the Northern and the Western hemisphere. It’s absolute location is 64.96° North and 19.02° West. Iceland is in the Northern part of the Atlantic ocean and just below the Arctic circle. It is still part of Europe but is 645 miles away. North West of Iceland is the strait of Denmark, to the North East if the greenland sea, and to the East is the is the Norwegian sea. There are many different landforms in iceland that have formed over a long period of time. There are

  • Southwest Airlines Strengths And Weaknesses

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    SWOT Analysis One strength of Southwest Airlines is the strong fleet base, which enhances the company ability to deliver services effectively. The airline has one of the biggest fleets of Boeing aircraft globally, with multiple models of the aircraft, which helps with the effectiveness of their services. Other strengths are the revenue-increase using point-to-point service strategy, and the low-price strategy, which helps to maintain the volume of the passengers. The point-to-point services save