Compare And Contrast Lewis And Clark

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Let’s just say what if Lewis and Clark Expedition didn’t happen, I believe that United States would have still successfully claim the Pacific Northwest without Lewis and Clark. Even though the expedition happened, they still helped out the Americans understand what was in the west side of the country. But there are still some some things that are recalled for that Lewis and Clark failed their mission, and yet America would have still claim Pacific Northwest without needing Lewis and Clark. With or without Lewis and Clark Expedition, I strongly believe that United States would have still claim the Pacific Northwest.

Lewis and Clark Expedition discovered many great things in the west. Lewis and Clark “began the American invasion of the west,” (). They fulfilled “many of Jefferson’s wishes for the expedition,” (). Along the journey, Clark “drew a series of maps that were remarkably detailed, noting and naming rivers and creeks, writing down the spots where they camped and writing down new discoveries they made,” (). Lewis and Clark's’ adventure was successful in many ways because they …show more content…

Lewis and Clark were not the first ones to travel the west. Indians, of course, have already been everywhere in the west, “trappers and traders had already covered the land before the Corps of discovery,” (). After they came home, Lewis and Clark failed their primary mission. Jefferson told them to find a water route across the continent , but “they discovered the water transport from coast to coast was impossible,” (). The mission was a failure, because it produced nothing useful. Lewis and Clark’s route didn’t help traveling to the west, the pioneers found their own way to the west, the Oregon trail. Lewis and Clark didn’t leave the “americans any of the tools to settle the continent - not new technology, not a popular narrative, not a good route and not grable land,”

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