What Is The Difference Between The Lewis And Clark Expedition

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The Lewis and Clark expedition brought many conflicts among the spectacular journey. Their expedition was extremely important, yet unpleasantly dangerous. Lewis and Clark traveled from the middle east to the west coast of the Pacific Ocean, overcoming tough winters, rough terrain, and unfriendly Indian tribes. Each day brought new important information, but also unwelcoming hardships.

Thomas Jefferson bought the Louisiana territory in 1803 by France, planning to expand the U.S territory, and National Archives stated, ”Jefferson hoped that Lewis and Clark would find a water route linking the Columbia and Missouri rivers. This water link would connect the Pacific Ocean with the Mississippi River system, thus giving the new western land access …show more content…

She was in her mid teens and decided that The Corps of Discovery could use her help. Sacagawea was born in 1788 at Lemhi River Valley. She was born into an Agaidika Indian tribe, but at age twelve she was kidnapped by a Hidatsa tribe. Before she helped, she was pregnant for the first time. She was married to Charbonneau, who according to History Net, stated, “Charbonneau was hired because of his wife who spoke Shoshone because Lewis and Clark knew they would need help from these tribes” (History Net). She gave birth to her baby boy on February 11th, 1805. They kept traveling with Sacagawea, and she saved their supplies and some of their lives many times. She saved Lewis and Clark’s Journals and many other supplies when their boat capsized, which is why that river is now known as the Sacagawea River. Even though many Indians and Indian tribes helped out Lewis and Clark, there were still many that tried to stop them, and one of them were the …show more content…

These effects were mostly caused by the piercing temperatures and struggles that winter brought, and also the hard labor needed to travel long distances across rough terrain every day. Since they had the help of Sacagawea and many other Indians/Indian tribes, they were able to succeed on their expedition. Only one death was brought upon the group during the expedition, and that was only theorized to be from an appendix rupture, which was a death not contributed to any event from the journey. Making it to rivers with the current directing west, they finally reached the Pacific

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