Lewis And Clark Expedition Analysis

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President Thomas Jefferson commissioned the Corps of Discovery to have the Lewis and Clark expedition find a waterway that could connect the United States for transportation because he had aspirations to expand to the Pacific and Northwest making the expedition important to his agenda for the United States. (The Corp of Discovery, 2016). Another reason for the important expedition was to create a relationship with the American Indians, and the American fur trade, while learning the North American topography and geography of the land which was also important to the exploration (Corps of Discover, 2016). Thomas Jefferson was important to the Lewis and Clark expedition because he organized the journey, sought funding and made Lewis and Clark head …show more content…

Members chosen for the expedition were sought after for skills that included hunting, blacksmithing, and gunsmithing, making United States Army soldiers a good option for crew who traveled by land, water and horseback, for nearly 8,000 miles over mountains, through plains and by rivers (The Lewis and Clark Expedition, 2016). The success of the Lewis and Clark expedition was important to science, as they made important observations about the land of North America that lead to creation of maps with Captain Clark having the duty of mapping the landscape because of his experience: the result of maps made by Clark became one of the most important achievements of the western exploration. (The Lewis and Clark Expedition, 2016). The scientific information collected on geography, meteorology, cultures, and animal life and plant life were greatly important to the nation (Corps of Discover, 2016). The trip also was partially useful in creating peaceful relations with the American Indians in territories of the Northwest, although not all tribes were accepting of the gestures, giving gifts was important to building peaceful relationships with the American Indians (The Corp of Discovery, 2016). In Corps of Discover, 2016, “Although it was not successful, “Lewis and Clark achieved an impressive record of peaceful cooperation with the Indians and generated American interest in the fur trade” (Corps of Discover, 2016). On April 7, 1805 the Lewis and Clark exploration provided all gathered information from the trip and sent it to Missouri making the expedition results vitally important to the nations growth by providing information from the crews hard work (Corps of Discover, 2016). As rightfully noted in The Lewis and Clark Expedition, 2016, “The Lewis and Clark Expedition are often called the greatest adventure in American history.”(The Lewis and Clark Expedition, 2016), and as

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