Compare And Contrast The Expedition Of Lewis And Clark

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Thomas Jefferson, the American President wanted to explore and discover the hidden treasures in the large Western parts of America that were inhabited by the local Indian tribes for centuries. Jefferson then hired his personal secretary, Meriwether Lewis to undertake the expedition, find new routes and discover the eco system in the region. He also wanted them to build better ties with the local tribes that would help foster trade. The expedition of Lewis and Clark faced many challenges, interacted with many new Native peoples and was an important milestone in American history. Lewis and Clark had many, many challenges. They had to deal with rough seas, pulling a ton of gear up the river, storms which then caused damage to the boat. People were starving, they were cold because eventually winter came and then people got frostbit. They didn’t know which river to take, they finally picked a river to take and at the end of the river they were hoping it was an ocean but it was the bitterroot mountains. So they had to take a detour up the bitterroot mountain with tons of gear. It was “back breaking work” they said. …show more content…

One of the tribes sent Lewis and clark watermelons. Another tribe that Sacagawea was part of had horses for them. Lewis and Clark stayed with with that tribe for a while and helped deliver Sacagawea’s baby. Sacagawea went with them and helped them show what foods were edible. Then Sacagawea helped show the way. And when the boat flipped due to strong winds it was Sacagawea who collected everything important. Another tribe gave Lewis and Clark food, warmth and they helped them make new

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