Compare And Contrast Daniel Boone And Native Americans

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The video begins with the Cumberland Gap which was created by a meteorite. Yet it become a dividing line between the British and the Native Americans. In May 1775, Daniel Boone was the spirit of the “new” American for he was a hunter, freedom fighter, and a dreamer. He and his men ignored the British rule to stop expansion, yet Boone and his men clash with the Native American group named the Shawnee. Boone and his men won against the Native group and settled what is known today as Kentucky.
In 1803, Thomas Jefferson purchased the Louisiana Purchase from Napoleon, which embarked on the new journey out West with Mayweather Lewis and William Clark, they also recruited the help of Sacagawea. She helped the men survive and discover the Rockies, plants, and animals in forever changing the scientific community in 1805. Yet, in 1823 settlers and pioneers began to settle the West in heading toward California. …show more content…

George Donner heard of a shorter path that would save his family time and money called Hastings Cutoff. However, with less than 30 miles left of the 400 they tracked, an axel broke on a wagon leaving the family stranded to stay the night in the Rockies. Though, it snowed five feet of snow leaving the family there for five months. In three weeks the food the food they brought was gone; the family then ate their pack animals. They then ate twigs and plants. However, they resulted to cannibalism on Christmas in 1846. Because of this the passage was renamed Donners Pass, but is now known as Lincoln

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