Compare And Contrast Native American Culture

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Compare and Contrast the Native American Culture Introduction The Native Americans were the original owners of the United States of America. However, due to the population increase in Europe, the European migrated to America in seek of land for farming, settlement, and spread their religion (Desai, n.p). The two communities lived together and interacted with each other. Nevertheless, the Native American also known to as the Red Indians and the Settlers had differences in many aspects of their economy, religion, and culture. In some situation, it is hard to identify their disparities. On the other hand, the dissimilarities are easily identified. Additionally, there are similarities between these two nations. Culture is the outline of human …show more content…

The Whites were so reluctant to adopt the culture of war from the Native Americans. Both nations showed a lot of determination to outdo each other. Their sole aim was to win no matter the cost. Therefore, the Native military motive was simply adopted by the European. Nevertheless, they showed no resistance in adopting the new agricultural techniques from each other. They readily exchanged the domestication of insects, animals, and plants. For example, the Indians were not familiar with the European animals such as pigs, horses, and cows while the Settlers acquired vegetables and different fruits from the Native land. These healthy exchanges caused the future agricultural developments in both worlds (Moran, Neil Remington, and Sarah). The Indians made good use of the opportunity. After getting animals like horses, it enables them to explore other lands of America. Besides, they used them as a means of transport and traded with other Native Americans. These animals were used for sports like horse racing and other activities such as hunting for the dogs. Therefore, this action led to the increase of the animal population and the Native land due to

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