Daniel Boone Biography

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There he was, all alone walking through the forest on a cold December morning. Cutting paths for future settlers, and hunting game for his family.“Crack.” He stops as he hears a twig snap under someone or somethings’ foot. Before he can even turn his head they’re on him. About five Shawnee braves have captured and tied him up. However, as soon as they let their guard down, he slips the rope, retaliates, and kills all of them. This is just one miraculous story of the historical icon, Daniel Boone. Frontiersmen and pioneers changed America and it’s history. Daniel Boone acquired many essential skills through his childhood, experiences in battle, and encounters with indians, to make paths west and become America’s greatest explorer. Daniel Boone…show more content…
His parents longed for a different life and wanted to move. Bartlett (2010) states “When his parents left Pennsylvania in 1750 bound for the Yadkin valley of northwest North Carolina, Daniel went along willingly. There, on the cutting edge of the frontier, he was able to indulge his hunting prowess and love of the wilderness.” When he was fifteen years old he fought in the French and Indian war serving as a wagon driver. He met a hunter named John Finley who told miraculous stories of Kentucky and the unexplored west (Encyclopedia of World Biography, 1998). He knew that eventually it would be his job to explore this exciting territory. One day, the army was defeated, but Boone escaped on horseback and fled to North Carolina. The Encyclopedia of World Biography (1998) says “Daniel Boone married Rebecca Bryan on August 14, 1756, and settled down in the Yadkin Valley, firmly believing that he had all the requisites of a good life--’a good gun, a good horse, and a good wife.’ But Finley's stories of fabled ‘Kentucke’ never really vanished from his…show more content…
The Encyclopedia of World Biography 1998 explains, “He was remembered after his death through the folk tales told about him. Many books and other publications were written about his life and adventures.” There have also been historical sites set up in Boone’s memory as well as a national forest. I believe Daniel Boone has not been recognized enough for his actions. He was the one to clear the way for pioneers to settle the west. This allowed for Americans to excel as they started new lives trapping and hunting. This also made the economy prosper in America as they were shipping out furs in mass numbers to Europe. Boone didn’t stop there as he protected hundreds of families from Indian attacks. If Boone was not there, many families would have died trying to reach the west. Finally, Boone obtained many high positions in the military and politics where he pushed many people in the right directions. Without Daniel Boone, American would be completely different. He is America’s greatest
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