Great Things Have Been Effected By George Rogers Clark

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“Great things have have been effected by a few men well conducted”( George Rogers Clark stated this while slogging through icy waters going to capture a fort. This fort would change the course of the war in the midwest. This allowed the United States to expand the frontier and acquire more states later in history. Without his contribution the United States could have easily lost the war to Britain and still be a colony but this allowed the war to continue and lead to the formation of the United States of America.
Clark was the highest ranking military officer in the Northwest during the Revolutionary War. He was commissioned by the state of Virginia to rally up men and lead a military expedition in the frontier. He captured Fort Sackville, …show more content…

He was planning on marching his men through 200 miles of freezing waters and snow. George was going to retake Fort Sackville even if it was last thing he did. During this trip he was quoted as saying,” Great things have been effected by a few men well conducted.” Henry was not expecting an attack in the middle of the winter. Also, most of the men went back to their families for the winter. This left Fort Sackville right for the taking. In February, 1779 George recaptured Fort Sackville and capturing Henry Hamilton in the process. This made the frontier safe from most British authority but the crown held Fort Detroit and George failed at capturing it, so he refrained from attacking it again as he had less than 200 soldiers. George mainly stayed in the frontier to protect the land from Native American war parties. Even though he didn’t have that much action the rest of the war his contribution was tremendous. This contribution to the war effort let the main Continental Army focus on fighting the British on the east coast. Which ended with the end of the 13 colonies and the beginning of a new nation which was the United States of …show more content…

This could ensure that more people could settle west without the risk that the natives would try to raid the new towns and villages. Clark was a big part of the revolutionary war but was very unknown due to lost documents. George’s capture of Fort Sackville led to 6 more states which were Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota. Their is more 48 million people living in theses states today.It is very plausible that . Without the capturing of the fort the northwest could still very well be in Britain's hands or maybe even

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