George Washington Research Paper

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Dylan Brajevich
21 November 2014
Mr. Salehi period 8

George Washington

George Washington was born on February 22, 1732. His parents were

Augustine Washington and Mary Washington. His father also had a wife before Mary

but had died. George was the oldest of Mary's children. George spent much of his

childhood at Rappahanak river. There isn't a lot known about his childhood but a lot of

people believe some of the made up things like the cherry tree. When George Washington

was 11 his father died and we would go with his half brother. I think this changed

George Washington's life because a father is a major influence on people's life, but his

half brother was got his family's property and he helped him like a father …show more content…

George Washington joined the French Indian war in 1754. He would later serve

under Gen. Edward Braddock. During the Battle of Monogahela in 1755 Braddock

would be killed and George Washington took control and would get some order back on

his side of the battle. He would get some of the remaining troops and there lives would

be saved. After this battle he would become well known throughout the colonies and

throughout England. Almost everyone considered him a hero, but he was humble and

didn't go to England he chose to stay in the colonies. George Washington was against

most of the acts England was sending to get money and he was getting upset and he

thought that they shouldn't be treated like this. In March 1775 he was selected to be

apart of the First Continental Congress. When the battles of Lexington and Concord

ended George Washington was appointed the General to fight against the British

in the revolutionary war. He in mine and many others opinions was the best choice for

the job of General. He had experience, he was a good leader, and he was very …show more content…

The British took out a ton of George Washington's soldiers. But on Christmas night 1776 George Washington and the rest of his small army crossed the Delaware river and made a comeback against the mercenaries at Trenton. The Americans didn't lose one soldier that night. This was super tense if George Washington failed the British would have won this war. This also got the Americans who were starving and lacking ammo all the stuff that they were needing and the Americans were starting to make the British worried a little and the people in England were getting upset for paying a war that was supposed to be quick and easy. In 1777 America took a hit when they lost Philadelphia in the battle of bandy wire. It was upsetting losing Philadelphia. It would be like us nowadays losing Washington D.C.. America would make a comeback at Saratoga in summer 1777 when Burgoyne from England brought a ton of troops to fix stuff in New York. This is where they got surrounded by Americans and they had to surrender there entire 6,200 man army he had with him. It was the major turning point for the Americans. Not only did it take out England's biggest fleet of troops they had it also brought France to help us win this war. France wanted to help us smash England with us but they only would if we proved to them that we were a good Allie and if they thought we could beat England. Later people found out that it wasn't all George Washington's

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