Essay On George Washington's Presidency

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George Washington’s Presidency

George Washington, as every American has known since around pre-school, was our nation’s first president. But what if we didn’t have a president? Maybe a king, or even a theocracy? Originally, George Washington thought that maybe a constitution may not work, and a ruling elite may even work better (William P. Kladky). The Constitutional Convention had many long and heated debates on how to best create their government to give equal power to all branches of the government, and a board of three was one of the contenders (William P. Kladky). No American today could imagine a country without a president, or without Washington, because if the patriots had not had George who was “…determined…to cross the river & make the attack upon Trenton…” (Washington), the United States of America would not even exist.

George Washington was born on February 22, 1732 in Virginia (Knott). Washington never got beyond elementary school, however due to a skill in math, got a job with Lord Fairfax, a powerful businessman (Knott). After inheriting Mount Vernon because of his brother’s death, Washington joined the British Army (Knott). He was elected to the Continental Congresses and led militia units in 1775, and through a long series of battles, crossed the Delaware River in 1776 and …show more content…

George Washington, fearing that he would be asked to lead the convention and possibly the nation, originally avoided attending (William P. Kladky). However, after convincing him to come, he did not participate much except for the occasional yes or no voting (William P. Kladky). Even so, because of the trust and military recognition George Washington received, he was unanimously voted to be the nation’s leader, as there was no other man for the job (William P. Kladky)

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