Why Is George Washington Important In American History

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The American revolution is one of the most important events in American history. It had taken millions to make this happen, including General Washington. Washington was an outstanding general to had brought hope into the minds of his people in a time of despair. Inexperienced in running such a huge army he made the impossible, possible. He had led his army through the crucial weather, disease and several hardships. He had refused to let his people down and reminded them that this-their liberty-was worth fighting for. As a result Washing and his colonial army were victorious, and because of his great leadership we are free. The Articles of Confederation was our first form of government, though it clearly wasn’t successful. The national government had no control over the states; it was very chaotic. A meeting was called up, number of delegates have met in Philadelphia to discuss/construct a new form of government. Here is where George Washington became America’s first president and a new government was formed. George Washington was a leader of integrity and respected all his people and their rights, he lead by the land of the law (the Constitution). The system had been very successful, the national government had an increase in power in which the civilians were no longer allowed to do as they please. It had created boundaries between the two. Washington was a man of respect …show more content…

Out of the three that are listed here I think that his part in the American Revolution was the most important. Without him we wouldn’t have a leader, nor would we have continued to fight on. This was the first step to our new nation and without him we would have given up/still be under British rule. People like Washington have given people a voice and has motivated them throughout the years. He had kept our hopes up whenever we felt the need to give up and because of his role/actions we are our own

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