How Did George Washington Influence The American Revolution

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The American Revolution started in 1775 and lasted until 1783. It was fought over American Independence from the British empire but in the end the colonists persevered and won. At first the British dominated winning many battles and starting the colonists off on a bad foot, with many casualties. The colonists were determined to succeed and soon they won their first battle, the battle of Charleston. Soon after they won other battles including, the battle of Trenton, Princeton, and Saratoga. Thanks to good leadership, clever tactics, and the help of other countries, the colonists were able to gain independence. In the American Revolution good leadership played a key role in the colonists victory. George Washington was one of many great leaders that helped the colonists gain freedom. Since the beginning Washington believed the colonists should separate from Britain. He was a delegate in the First Continental Congress and was named commander in Chief of the Continental Army during the Second Continental Congress. Washington was a genius on the battlefield and came up with helpful tactics. He also obtained the ability to keep his struggling army together. Washington not only lead his army, but guided, directed and motivated them to persevere and keep going. …show more content…

The guerilla tactic is where fighters work as part of a small band to make hit-and-run attacks. This tactic was a smart way to attack the British without getting attacked themselves. Another important tactic was one the colonists used during the battle of Yorktown. During this battle the British were retreating in Yorktown when Washington and his army came down from the north heading toward Virginia. At the same time the French Navy, the colonists ally, moved to the coast near Yorktown blocking the sea escape. The British were surrounded and trapped with no other option then to

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