George Washington Informative Speech

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The first American president,One of the greatest men who walked this earth, a man who achieve some of the greatest title that a lot of people can 't achieve in today 's world. He is known for being the commander of chief in the continental army also known for a gentleman planter and many more titles. Plenty of people look at him daily and might not even know who he is or why is he on money. But I 'm here to explain and to break it down for you!


George Washington the son of Augustine Washington and Mary Ball. He was born February 22,1732 in Westmoreland county Virginia,(knott, George Washington father died when he was 11 years of age and left him with
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A system to assist the president in different areas. There are 15 departments made in the cabinet system.”It was also a system that maximized executive control while also creating the essential distance from detail”. (Ellis,pg.198) Department of justice which has responsibility for all aspects of law enforcement. We all need law enforcement without that ,life would be dangerous,scary and way worse then it is today. Why? We already have sex offenders, thieves,stalkers Etc…. How bad do you think it would be? How would you feel if a sex offender approach you and rap you or a stalker watching you your every move.Maybe even someone taking everything you own, knowing the things in this world aren’t free. Would you then need law enforcement? Better yet let 's brain storm. Back in August of 2014 in Ferguson Missouri,police officer Darren Wilson was accused of shooting Mike…show more content…
Don 't get me wrong everybody life matter but living in an ideal world it 's not way you can live without policies. Triple of all people would be dead. Just laying on the street without law enforcement. How do I know ? When someone get shout who come to the rescue? Who investigate? If the person still living who make sure everything straight other than family? Better yet who call the police? So law enforcement is a very large chunk of the cabinet

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