George Washington Served As A Blueprint For President

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George Washington served as a blueprint for the coming presidents. George Washington was born in 1732 in Virginia and died 1799. Washington grew up in Virginia, at a time when it was a royal colony with the British monarch as the head of government by nobility and an economy based on growing and exporting tobacco. He became a surveyor but soon turned to the military as a way to realize his ambition. As a soldier he demonstrated enough courage and willpower to become the commander of the Virginia troops that garrisoned the state's western frontier during the French and Indian War. Washington initiated the principle that the military is auxiliary to civilian government. As commander-in-chief of the Army, Washington never neglected the fact that his …show more content…

It became Washington's responsibility to give flesh and blood to the executive branch and the national government predominantly during their introductory, pivotal years. Washington exemplified the value of a powerful executive in the hands of a unimpeachable person. He stayed within the circle of presidential jurisdiction drafted by the Constitution and the acts of the First Congress systemized the executive branch. Washington precisely solicited the "advice and consent" of the Senate in making rendezvous to office and in engineering treaties with foreign governments, as the Constitution demanded. The Senate's denial to respond promptly to Washington's meetings aided in the establishment that body's right to both give and withhold its advice and consent. By the time Washington retired from the presidency in 1797, he had accustomed that the power of the president was endowed in the office, not in the individual who held the office. Washington sat in on the initiation of his inheritor, John Adams, and urged on walking behind him at the close of the inaugural ceremonies, showing the peaceful transfer of power under the new

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