How Did George Washington Become The First President?

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George Washington was a known leader in Virginia. He was one of the first persons to speak out against English tyranny. In 1774, he was voted in as a delegate to the First Continental Congress in Virginia. A month later, he rose to the Second Continental Congress, with some talk that he might become the commanding officer of all the forces. Prior to becoming president, he served as a British military envoy. He took a group of volunteers with him to an isolated area, so that they could gather intelligence information on the enemy, which led to him to forcing the French to leave the area. Washington turned his volunteers into a real army by initiating disciplinary regulations and getting the Continental Congress to give him more money to pay his army, in an effort to stay the course longer. Because of his leadership skills, he was chosen to head the assembly that developed the Constitution. Washington worked for over a year to develop the Constitution, one of which provisions was for someone to be named a president. Delegates were talking about the only person to name (Miller Center). While Washington was comfortable at home, he “knew that if the Constitution was adopted, he would most likely become the first President of the United States and be called away from his beloved estate. (Mount Vernon)” America had its…show more content…
His needs for and those of his army landed upon deaf ears. His men needed clothing and was told by Congress that when they were last at war, the men provided for their own clothing. Congress refused to send them such things as meat, medication, gunpowder and even money to pay the troops, to say the least. Although Washington’s pleas to Congress for his troops were that of anger, he kept his composure when it came to his civilian authority. When the war was over, he couldn’t wait to progress home to Mt.
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