George Washington: An Influential Person In American History

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George Washington was a very influential person in American history, and was known for many, many great things. This paper will explore his childhood, his life before he was president, and his presidency. George Washington was born on February 22, 1732 in Westmoreland County, Virginia (“Biography of George Washington”). His mother’s name was Mary Ball Washington, and his father’s name was Augustine Washington. Washington was the first of ten children in his family, six from his mother, and four from Augustine’s first wife (George Washington’s Life”). He had 9 siblings in all, Samuel , Lawrence, John, Betty, Charles, Augustine Washington, Jr. Jane, Butler, and Mildred. George was born into a distinguished family of aristocrat and manners.…show more content…
His brother asked that he turned the office there into an adjutant general of the colony (“George Washington’s Life”). Seven years later, in 1759 on January sixth, George married Martha Dandridge Custis. Although George and Martha didn’t have any children together, George loved Martha’s two children from her previous marriage, as if they were his own. Two years after Lawrence died, George was a colonel in the French and Indian War. During the time the American Revolution started taking place, George’s military skill was very well known to the public. George was appointed to be a military advisor for New York in 1775. A while after, he was appointed Commander-in-Chief (“George Washington’s Life”). On the third of July, in 1775, he took command at Cambridge Massachusetts, and entered a war that later lasted six years. In 1781, he forced the surrender of Cornwallis with the help of French allies. Later, George had thoughts of retiring, but then soon realized the Articles of confederation wasn’t operating well, so he became a big part in the steps of leading to the Constitutional Convention. When the Constitution was confirmed, George was unanimously elected as the first ever President of the United States of America (“George
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