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In the book of His Excellency: George Washington by Joseph J. Ellis, the author introduces Washington, the Father of the United States, in a fresh portrait focused on the characters of Washington. This book is an impressive biography of Washington's remarkable dedication to the United States history. According to the author, George Washington is an omnipresent figure as he was growing up, described as the man in the moon who was aloof and silent. This book focuses on Washington's wartime service which became some of his major contributions to the United States, rather than merely telling the true story of Washington, its main thesis is focusing on analyzing his contributions and how his governorship had affected the American history. Washington's life is divided into three areas in this book. The military adventures during the French and Indian War or Seven Years' War, Washington's generalship in the American Revolution, and his service as the United States' first president. In order to avoid troubles, Washington was granted for a commission by Britain in the Seven Years' War. The battle was known as the Siege of Yorktown, took place on October 19, 1781 at Yorktown of Virginia, was a crucial and determining point for the United States in the Seven Years' …show more content…

As the author stated in his book that he does not have the intention to compete with other writers or historians, but his idea was to give a clear an fresh portrait of Washington that focused largely on his characters. I will recommend this book to those that are willing to known Washington and people who are unfamiliar with the founding father of United States. This biography introduces readers into the remarkable events and significant life experiences of the first president of United States in the shortest time, without

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