Why Is George Washington Wrong

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George Washington was a very wise and smart man. he is most commonly seen as the father of the united states. with his thoughts and beliefs of creating a nation that does not have a political party and that believes in the freedom of others. In today's standards, however, If George Washington was able to see the American nation we have become he would be mortified. When coming to the land soon to be American, George Washington had thoughts and beliefs that the 13 original colonies wouldn't hate or discriminate against the people. Instead, America was created by people that had different thoughts than one another and different beliefs then one another, for people that just wanted to live a life that was free and beautiful and gave them the insurance of safety for them and their future no matter what problems they were in. Washington's thoughts, however, are being ruined just as the nation is. …show more content…

the American people have started to hurt and despise one another. we are beginning to shut ourselves in. The united states are now starting to crumble into what it was made against. Hate and discrimination against the beliefs and freedom of others and as we display this type of actions, the future generations of Americans learn from us. Everything that happens today and tomorrow and the day after that relies on the people we are. It relies on the coming generations that yet to be brought in this world. how will our actions react on how to become an American? To be an American takes devotion, spirit, and compassion. It takes the people as a strong magnificent fire that will never stop trying and never give up.It will always be the brightest light in the darkest

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