What Are George Washington Carver's Major Accomplishments

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George Washington Carver was a great man with many beneficial accomplishments.
Carver's life was not all smooth sailing, he worked hard and earned all of his success. His main goal was always to help others. He was motivated by many different things in his life. Carver’s long hours dedicated to helping others benefited many people. He also had many recognizable accomplishments throughout his life. In conclusion, Carver lived a selfless life in order to better others. Carver had many important motivations throughout his life. First, he was born into a slave family. This had a big impact on his life because he knew that he did not want that life anymore. At a young age he began to find an interest in nature. He began working with plants and was …show more content…

He graduated from Minneapolis High School. After high school Carver would attend Simpson College in Iowa where he would also graduate. In college he continued to work with plants and decided he wanted to help others using his agricultural knowledge. Carvers main goal was to always help others. Carver helped many people and had many great accomplishments throughout his lifetime.
` Carver has accomplished so much throughout his lifetime. In addition, he was very selfless and contributed to many people's lives. He was born in Missouri into a slave family. He was the first in his family to graduate high school. He then traveled to Iowa where he would graduate college. All during this time Carver has continued to study agriculture. Carver was a scientist and inventor who loved to help others. For many years, he worked with peanuts. “He believed he could find a cure using the peanut oil”(George Washinton Carver). Although he worked very long and hard he did not find a cure. He always lived selfless and his sole purpose in life was to benefit others. All his life he looked for opportunities to use his knowledge and skills to help others. George Washington Carver was an all around great

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