What Are Hank Aaron's Accomplishments

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Did you know Hank Aaron played baseball with sticks and tin cans in his youth? This outline is about Hank Aaron and his accomplishments. Hank Aaron is known as the greatest player ever. He is also well known for his fight and courage to break segregation. You will learn how he broke the homerun record, the batting record, and most importantly, how he ended segregation. Hank Aaron grew up on a black farm neighborhood that had no days off in terms of working, so it was hard for him to play baseball. At the end of most days, Hank and his friends would go out to a dirt field with sticks and tin cans and play baseball. A neighborhood fastpitch softball team recognized Hank’s love for the game and put him on the team. Hank was soon noticed by the Negro League team, the Minneapolis Clowns. He was not able to play because his parents needed him to work. But a couple weeks later, his parents allowed him to play for the Clowns. From here on, he was named Rookie of the Year, MVP, and Home Run Champion of the Negro Leagues. In 1952, the Milwaukee Braves signed Hank Aaron as a free agent, making him the third black player in the MLB. African Americans being signed was becoming a pattern in teams after Jackie…show more content…
He soon broke the home run record by hitting 715 home runs. He then broke the RBI record by hitting 2,297 RBI in his career. Only one of these records still stand though. Barry Bonds broke the home run record in 2007, he hit 762 home runs. Hank Aaron still holds the RBI record, and MLB experts don’t plan on it being beaten. Hank Aaron had 24 All-Star appearances, second most all time. Hank Aaron became a Hall of Famer in 1982. Hank Aaron is best known for his home run record, his RBI record, and his role in segregation. Hank Aaron is definitely one of the most influential players of all time. He is still remembered today, in matter of fact, Hank Aaron’s presence will forever have an everlasting effect on the game

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