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The Great Bambino, The Sultan of Swat, some of the many names of the well known, Babe Ruth. As one of the greatest baseball players in history, holding and sharing over 60 records, a 7 times World Series Champion, and 2 time World Series All Star, he definitely did not have the life as most would think. The Babe had a rough and a very poor childhood which led to an unforgettable baseball career that left a mark on the history of baseball forever. Babe Ruth had one of the most unusual childhoods, yet still became one of the greatest baseball players to live. As a youth growing up in a large, poor family, his parents were forced to send Ruth to an orphanage because of his trouble-making behavior. While playing baseball at the orphanage, he caught the attention of Jack Dunn, a minor league team owner, who later adopted and signed Ruth, who would become known as “Dunn’s New Babe.” Ruth’s childhood could be described as very unusual because he was discovered by a minor league team owner while playing baseball at an orphanage when most were signed from big schools and leagues. Becoming “Dunn’s New Babe” was the start of the legend of …show more content…

Following the next couple of years playing for the minor league, he was sent to play for the major league team, the Boston Red Sox until 1920 when he was traded to the New York Yankees, in 1925 Babe Ruth was suspended for a couple games due to misconduct off the field. After playing for New York for 15 seasons and leading them to 4 World Series titles, he was traded to the Boston Braves and played half a season before retiring. With over 714 home runs, he had the talent of baseball that most people didn’t know existed, “It wasn’t that he hit more home runs than anybody else,” said Red Smith an American sportswriter in 1976, “he hit them better, higher, farther, with more theatrical timing and a more flamboyant

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