Babe Ruth: The Role Of Baseball In The 1920's

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The 1920’s were a very exciting and well remembered time era for the changes the way sports are played today. During this time period watching as well as playing sports became much more popular as a method of relaxation or a way to spend some free time having fun, just as it is today. Babe Ruth’s outstanding skill and dedication changed the game of ball since people of all races and colors would watch his games, and was a huge role model to many young kids, giving them a dream to someday become a great player just like him. Babe Ruth’s record setting performances brought a whole new social life to people in the 20’s. People of all ethnicities would flock to games just to see Babe swing a bat, bringing a whole new social life to baseball. Men and women of different ages as well as races would all visit Babe’s baseball games, and he changed the way baseball is played as well as watched today. The Great Bambino was such an astonishing baseball player …show more content…

Babe was a warm hearted baseball player, and loved to help children in any ways that he could. Often times, Babe was to be found helping out at hospitals or orphanages making sick and lonely children happy as can be. Babe Ruth also donated money to the orphanages as well hospitals, since he cared about children so much.The Great Bambino was also a huge role model to children since he made such positive impact on everyone around him, and was a great person in general. Many children from the 20’s wanted to be just like Babe because of his generosity and his skills in baseball. Additionally, his insane skill at baseball, and hard work to do the best he could, influenced many other people to work just as hard as he did to become successful. In conclusion, Babe Ruth was not only an extremely talented baseball player, but he was also a great person all around for loving and caring about his

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